Monday, September 1, 2008

Vegas Part Two

Friday: We just took the day off and walked around the Mall and then went to the Hotel Pool. My boys in the water!
If the kids could have picked, they would have loved to stay in the pool the whole time. I am going to try to go to the Pool next summer because they loved it so much. That night we had a superb dinner. If you know the show Top Chef on Bravo channel. Its one of my favorite shows! Well its Tom Colicchios restaurant: craft steak.
The meal was just outrageous. We had a three coarse meal with 2 types of salads, mushrooms, shrimp, Kobe Tartar for appetizers. For the main dish we had 3 types of Kobe Beef: Fillet, skirt steak, and just reg Kobe Beef Steak. Oh my gosh the meat was to die for. I could eat like this every day! I need a personal chef. The veggies were to die for as well. The best mashed potatoes I have ever tasted as well as the corn. We also had saffron butter lobster. I know Im missing something but there was so much food to remember. For Dessert we had a cinnamon/sticky bun thing with caramel ice-cream. I mean if Jesus could send down a dessert this would be it! It was heavenly! Melted right in your mouth. Also for dessert was corn ice cream with blueberry tart, a chocolate cake that oozed warm melted chocolate when you cut into it, raspberry sorbet, coconut ice cream, peach ice cream and a cobbler. So very yummy. Tom also has a restaurant in NY and I will most certainly hunt it down! :)

Us at Dinner
Saturday: We packed, really can't remember what we did this day! Ha. But we did go to a Vegas show that night - it was a topless show called "Fantasy". It was quite interesting. Boobs everywhere! We gambled a little every night. But Saturday we hit it big. We more than doubled what we put in at the black jack table. I can tell you how people go broke. It is so much fun - and you keep saying, just one more hand! We played Friday night about 3 hours and only won $60. But on Saturday night we were on a role - it was late and we only played about 45 min and more than doubled what we put in - walked away with almost $500!
Last night in Vegas! We gambled at Paris casino! Love it there!

Sunday: The flight back was pretty good, no big problems that I can remember. We came back to cool 50's and enjoyed the temps right away. We were so glad to have gone on vacation, but so very glad to be home!

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