Saturday, June 25, 2011

Harmons in May


May was full of more baseball, baseball parties, friend’s birthday parties, camping and graduations. Also Jeff’s cousin got married and we made a quick family weekend to North Carolina.

Ian graduated Kindergarten May 25th. His ceremony was so cute. Full of songs and what each student wanted to be when they grew up. Ian said he wanted to be a “Skate Board Rider”. We told him just as long he goes professional in the X Games and makes lots of money – so he can buy his old parents nice thing and set us up in a nice big retirement house. HA! I got this on video – and when Ian walked across the stage to get his diploma I tried to videotape and get a picture, well I learned I can’t do that! I got a horrible picture AND I accidentally tilted the video camera up – so I didn’t get Ian’s diploma getting on tape at all! I got all his entire class, except him. I am a horrible mother and he will probably be in therapy for this for years to come!

Ian and his teacher Mrs. Muse

Ian getting his "fake" diploma! He is 1st grader now!

Blake also graduated from his Army Post Pre-K Program. It was so cute, I also got this on video – and had friends take the picture. Which, I still have to get! Again, I am sure that Blake will be in therapy as well since I don’t have a picture of him getting a diploma either!

Our quick get away to North Carolina was fun. We saw Jeff’s cousin get married and had fun at their reception. It was kid free! Jeff’s aunt hooked us up with a baby sitter who watched the kids in the hotel room! SCORE – Date Night! It was great to catch up with the Harmon side of the family – it had been a few years since we had seen them all. We all met up for breakfast the next morning. It was a blast seeing the kids play with all the grownups. The Harmon’s’ were excited to finally meet Laurel as well!
We can never have a good picture!
{See picture under another post few days ago of us all dressed up!}

My mom and Ron came up over Memorial Day weekend. That was great to see them as well. Ron hadn’t seen the kids in a while and mom hadn’t seen Laurel since she was born! Also, we had plans to go camping – so they watched the kids one night and we were able to go camping with our friends – SCORE another KID FREE Event! We had fun sleeping in our two man tent. We had taken the kids out the day before to go swimming in the lake and enjoy a day in the sun. We told ourselves we are going to go camping more often and do more outdoor things (weather permitting, since it is 100 degrees in the summer here in the south) because the boys just loved it. Laurel- she tolerated it! She enjoyed the water!!

2 man tent with electric! Gotta have coffee.

Me and Laurel enjoying the water

Our campsite

Jeff cooking us some yummy breakfast - with skillet! HA

Harmons in April


Blake played his first ever sport! He was on the Cardinals T-Ball. He loved it. Although when he didn't get a nap or stayed up the night before he was a bit grumpy and would cry on the infield...with all the other 3 year old. It was hilarious to watch them play, all trying to tackle one another to get the ball. Blake was one of the smaller guys on his team however; he did awesome, and I think he will make us tons of money because he is very marketable.....he is a switch hitter!!!

Ian did coach pitch. He was on the Storm. He grew a lot from last year. We were worried because this team is from 5-8. He was the youngest and smallest person on his team. But he did hang very well! He started out playing outfield and then came to 3rd and then ended playing on 2nd for the rest of the season. He did really well. He would hit and get on base 3 out of the 4 at bats. We can’t wait for Ian to grow and play more baseball.

The kids and I took off to NC while Ian was on spring break. I visited my friend Melissa whom I have known since the age of 2. We last met up in NYC when Ian was 6 months old. Since then she has gotten married, had Ella and moved from Cali to NC. So when we are both on the east coast I thought it would be great for us to meet up and reminisce. It was great to catch up & meet her family. We enjoyed great food –REAL PIZZA!!! - the beach, and an aquarium. Good thing is it won’t be another 5 years until we meet up again because they are coming to my brother’s wedding in August! Can’t wait. The kids had so much fun playing! It was great- Melis and I childhood friends and now our children playing together.

Here are a few pictures from April...

Boys at Beach

Blake T-Ball

Ian Coach Pitch



At the beach

Laurel sun bathing

At the aquarium

Relaxing, looking at fish

Attempt to get all the kids in one picture. Ella, Ian, Blake & Laurel

Friday, June 24, 2011

Harmons Summer Update

I always say this. I am a horrible blogger - I'm trying to get better at it...excuses, excuses.
Here is what is going on with us this summer.

Kristin: I started working 2 days during the week so that I am able to have weekends free to do fun things with the family instead of working during the weekend! I have a great sitter - the boys and Laurel love her!! :)

Jeff: He is still working away hard being an Instructor for the newly promoted Captains. He is doing great things! He is implementing new teaching modules and running things smoothly on his team! He is also doing more mini-triathlons! Go Jeff!! :)

Ian: He finished Kindergarten and is now a 1st grader! He is getting so big. He is reading at a 1st grade level, able to do addition and subtraction, count money and do money math, and write very well. We are so proud of him. He has accomplished lots during this past school year.

Blake: He is doing fun things. He is enrolled in a summer Pre-K program and is getting better at writing his letters. We are working on the A,B,C's and counting. He will join his brother at St Anne for the 4 year old Pre-K Program! He is excited to be going to a big boy school!!

Laurel: She is now 10 months old and into EVERYTHING! She is crawling, pulling up, eating everything and signing. She will do baby sign for milk, eat and kiss. We are working on more, and water. She is a joy. She loves her brothers very much tries so hard to keep up with them.

Gotta love fluff (cloth diapers) butt. She fell asleep like this after going to the pool

Us at a wedding in May

Laurel 7 months old

Blake an the airshow

Ian at the airshow