Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Im a little late....

Few Hours Old!
Im 2 years old!

Blake turned 2 July 16th....Here is my baby!! We hare having his Birthday Party today!! More pictures to come!! Happy Late Birthday Blake!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Loves

Raspberry Picking

We went to a little farm, Pearl Creek, I believe - or Basically Basil. We went with one of my good Nurse Friends, Anna, and her 2 children. The kids had fun picking and eating. Now I have to find a recipe to make a pie before they go bad! Next week is Blueberries!! Yummm! Another check off my to-do-list in Alaska before leaving. We are trying to keep busy with fun things to pass the time before Jeff arrives home in about 8-10 weeks!

Ready to pick!

Look at all those raspberries!

Look close at Blake's Pink Stained face. He didn't quite get that you had to put the berries in your bucket!

Friday, July 24, 2009


I know that I am late posting this but I have been crazy busy!!

Our trip to Valdez was awesome and I am so excited that we were able to go and experience with with my best friend from grade school, Sarah!

The drive down was great. 6 hrs in a car and the kids did really well! We got to the campsite - and we rented a trailer that was stationary down there. They were really nice! It had propane cookers, and an oven and a fridge with a freezer. A seating area with table- a couch that turn into a bed, and 2 bunk beds and a large bed in the back. This is seriously the way to go with kids. I said I would never camp in a trailer but it was nice!! :)

We then went on the 6 hr Glacier Cruise in which we saw Sea Lions, Sea Otters, 3 Humpback Whales, several Bald Eagles, Puffins, Ice Burgs and a huge receding Glacier.

Then we camped on more night, and drove back the next day. It was a short trip but well worth it!! Enjoy some pictures.

ME and the boys at the Glacier

Blake sleeping!

Mr. Sea Otter

My BFF Sarah and I at the campsite, wine and bug zapper!

Eating dinner!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The House Knows!

The house knows that its going up on the market this weekend. It has decided to have a couple of things break!

Before we went on our way to Valdez the well thought it would be nice to stop producing water, therefore; when we got home from running our errands - I had the dishwasher going, and some clothes in the washer - the holding tank was BONE DRY. I thought I had plenty of water to do those things. Apparently not!

So we had to wait till the morning to get water. Poor Sarah - travels over 4000 miles to visit me and now we can't flush! We get water - then we pack up and leave. We come home to a full holding tank (thank goodness) BUT no water pressure. It was dribbling out of the facet! Well couldn't' call a plumber on the weekend because it would cost to much for them to come out on the weekend. So I wait till Monday to have them come...2 hours and a couple hundred dollars later...we have water pressure!!

THEN my garage door breaks....its possessed. Having someone come out to look at it. Then later that afternoon I look out my front window and what do I see?!!? ANOTHER FALLEN TREE!!

Ahhhhhh I tell you I don't know how much more I can take. Its to the point now that I just laugh. Ive been thru so much while Jeff has been deployed...all I can do is laugh!! Oh...and drink some wine! :)

The realtor comes on Thursday to take pictures and the house goes on the Market on the 18th... I'll be drinking LOTS of wine. :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Busy July...4th of the July

Well we went to a small town about an hour away called Nenana for the 4th of July. Our friend had a friend who grew up there and mom still lived out that way and she said they had tons of fun activities for kids and then we would head out to her mom's house for a BBQ.

We had a blast. They had tons of kids games...such as three legged race, potato hopping race, potato run race, egg race - and the coolest thing was that 1st place won $1 and 2nd place 50 cents and everyone else that participated won a quarter! :)

I did the three legged race with my girlfriend and Kyle did the potato sac race. Ian had a blast doing numerous races. He came home with $1.75. (We are pretty sure he won the carry the egg race, but the judges said otherwise...oh well)
After the races we went to my friend's friends moms house. (Confusing I know) We enjoyed some fabulous food and met some great people. There were tons of kids and the boys enjoyed playing on the swing set - a MUST have for our new house when we move to GA!
Enjoy some pictures of our fun fourth!!

Ian getting ready for the potato sac race
Trying to help him along...few seconds he fell over.
Getting out of the because he fell...he said it wasn't fun anymore. :)
Uncle Kyle's turn!

Blake watching the festivities.

Getting ready for the potato race
Egg race.
Whoops dropped the egg after the race was over.
Ian got his quarter!

Loving this swing at the BBQ