Friday, March 26, 2010

Been a while...we are here.

So. We have been super busy. I feel bad for not updating the blog! Here is what is new that is going on. I am charging the batteries to the camera and will be able to download some more pictures to the blog. I will get better about posting! :)

* I am 18 weeks pregnant! ITS A GIRL!! I got an ultrasound done at this fancy place at 16 weeks. I have my big anatomy ultrasound here on April 1st so we will double check. The place I went to says they are 100% on gender identification....better be because I have bought some pink! I start the Progesterone shot once a week next week until 36 weeks. This will help lower the risks of me going into preterm labor. We all know my history with Ian & Blake. We want to keep this baby girl in the oven as long as we can!

* Ian is playing T-Ball. His first game is April 10th. That is opening day. He does pretty well running the bases, and hitting. We have to work on his aim. He enjoys hitting his baseball set that he got from Grandma for Christmas. It is nice to be able to play outside in the sun in a fenced in back yard and not have to worry about the kids!! :)

* Ian will be attending St Anne's Catholic School in the fall for Kindergarten. The schools are the best down here in the south and with Jeff and I both working in Ga - there is no after school program here in the elementary school down the road that would suit our schedules. So off to private school he goes. We will be taking donations for his education - please make payable to Jeff or Kristin Harmon. :) Also, the donations will go toward his uniform funds! haha.

* Blake is liking his K3 class at the Growing Room. He is learning a lot and enjoying his friends. They have a summer camp for his grade as well. He is enrolled and should have tons of fun. Once the pool opens up here at our housing complex he will be enrolled in swimming lessons! (As well as Ian)

* I have started working on the Pediatric Floor. I have enjoyed working there. A different adjustment to AK, but its fun! I have even worked in the PICU a few days which I hope to get more experience in. I am full time right now until the middle of April and then I will be part time/ PRN.

* Jeff has started teaching his students at the MCCC. He is enjoying his class and sculpting the minds of all these young CPTS. Also, some good news is that Jeff will pin on Major here in the next few months. More to come on formal pin ceremony and the promotion party in our backyard with great food and tons of beer for all.

Important Dates if you would like to come visit:

(of course everyone is welcome anytime!)

April 10th: Ian's opening day and 1st game of T-Ball
May 20th : Ian's preschool graduation 7pm.
June 19th: Kristin 30th BBQ Party!
July 17th: Blakes 3rd Bday Party!
Aug 14th: Ian's 5th Bday Party & celebration of 1st week in Kindergarten! (This is pending the birth of baby girl Harmon...not sure when she is going to come!)