Sunday, September 21, 2008

The month of Sept went by so fast!

Not a good picture of Jeff - they are concentrating so hard putting together a lego plane

I know I haven't blogged in wow a whole month. This month went by so fast! With Jeff deploying and my Internet going on and off I haven't been online that much. This past month we just concentrated on having family time and tons of it since Jeff is deploying... well deployed right now.
We had tons of playing outside, since its fall and the cool weather lasts very quickly before it snows we took advantage of fleece weather before full on "winter coat" season! We built a fires and cooked smores and just enjoyed time together!

We also got our family picture done before Jeff left. You have to go check out the website. A guy that works at the hospital with me took them. They turned out fabulous! If you are local and would like his number or info - let me know. He is very reasonable!! :) Check us out! Harmon Family Pictures! (click it)

Enjoy some pictures of us!

Jeff and Ian starting up our fire pit.
My boys! Love them!
Dad and Ian playing Frisbee!
Blake helping us out by mowing the yard

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