Saturday, May 31, 2008

Elton John

So, the other day Elton John came to town and I went to the concert with a fellow nurse who I work with. We went to the Salmon Bake and enjoyed some fine wine and dinner and then walked to the concert. I enjoyed it so much. It was my girls night out. I really couldn't get a great picture of him - so here he is on the jumbo tron thing! And here is me after the concert: I must say I don't need another girls night out... and if I do it will be without my many glasses of fine wine before hand! hehe

Trip to the Park

So I haven't really Blogged in a while and thought I would post some pictures of our most recent trip to the Park. There is a park here in Fairbanks, AK called AlaskaLand or Pioneer Park. During the Spring/Summer there are little stores opened up - we have tons of activities at the park: Music at the gazebo, festivals etc. There are 2 parks for the kids to play, putt putt and a merry go round. I love going there and watching the boys have fun and smile! Wonderful memories! :)

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Let me tell you what Blake has been up to. He is now chasing everyone around the house! He is 9 1/2 months old and about 22 lbs. You would have never known he was a preemie! His one year birthday is coming right around the corner. Blake loves to babble away. He is able to say "dada, mama (sometimes) yea yea." He loves playing with his brother and loves to climb all over the dogs and pull up on about anything he can get his hands on. Hes still teethless, but those bottom 2 teeth are working awfully hard to pop on thru. Blake can't wait to see everyone and visit with everyone soon!

Army Ball

Hello everyone and welcome to our new Blog. I am thinking that this well keep the family up to date on what is going on at our end of the world. Jeff and I just went to the 1-24 Batallion Ball. We had great food, great company and had tons of fun. This was the last 'hoorah' before all the training starts and then the deployment. OK, well stay tuned for what the Harmons will be up to next!!