Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ians First T-Ball Game.

Ian had his first T-Ball Game! He was very excited, and enjoyed playing. He had three great hits. He also played 1st and shortstop. I do have to say that it is quite hilarious to watch 4-6 year olds play baseball. Ian's Team: Cardinal's, is a new team. Full of kids who have never played before.... so.... makes quite a game! :)

Ian getting ready to bat.
Blake cheering him on

Team Cardinals. Can you see Ian?

Tons going on in this picture! However, Ian is ready for the batter. (on 1st)

I have to get better at posting!

Wow, been a month since I have last posted. We have been doing a lot. I just have been super bad about posting and keeping up with this blog. I will try to do better. So sorry family and friends! :)

Well we had Easter.

The Easter Bunny came that morning and the boys had fun outside hunting the eggs. First time they were able to hunt outside since we have been in Alaska for most of the Easters they have been here on earth! :) It was fun coloring eggs in the driveway a few days before and then finding them outside!!
Coloring eggs with our good friend Reagan.

Looking for eggs

This is the first time that I didn't cook! The whole plan was that we were going to go to Church as a family. First time ever! The church may have fallen down if this did indeed happen! However; Ian had a bad ear infection and was battling a 102 fever, so that didn't happen. Also, our friend down here that we meet- their son was going to get Baptised and they were having a reception afterwards. So Blake and I just went to the reception and ate. While Jeff and Ian sat at home. :( We did bring them home some eggs and some cake.
With my best bud Reagan

Walking with mom