Monday, May 31, 2010

Class of 2023

May 20th 2010 marked a very special day for Ian. He graduated Preschool! The ceremony was very cute, they sang, read poems and walked across the stage to get a diploma and a medal. This was very emotional for me. I thought I wouldn't get all teary-eyed. But to see my baby boy walk across the stage, I was so proud and saw him as such a 'Big Boy' now. He is off to a Catholic School: Saint Annes for Kindergarten. He is very excited, as so am I, but my baby is growing up!!
We were also very excited to have Jeff's mom Terry and her husband Wayne come down for the weekend to share in this very special moment for us. They were also here to see Ian's last T-Ball game. All and all it was a great weekend!

After Graduation. Proud Brother (who was just interested in the cupcakes for the after party)

My Ian all graduated!

Exiting the stage.

His teacher Ms. Sonya & Ian

So proud, walking to get his diploma

Grandma Terry & the boys sharing some lunch. (I have to get the good picture off thier camera of the 4 of them)

I forgot...we went to the SC Zoo!

I forgot to write about our Zoo Trip to SC! A good friend of mine who I met in Savannah when we lived in our apartments there got married on April 17th. She is a very special friend for she drove me to the hospital when I was in labor with Ian. She was there for me every step of the way during the deployment. Cynthia Hutson-Poterfield will forever have a special place in my heart!

We were excited to make it a family trip and explore the zoo. The boys had such a great time and the weekend went smoothly! Although Jeff had to take Blake out before the wedding happened in the church (he was getting cranky and wanted to draw in all the bibles)- both boys behaved good at the recption! Here are a few pictures from our quick trip to SC!

Cynthia makes a beautiful bride!

Feeding the horse at the zoo.

My friend: The Smiley Goat

Feeding Nectar to the birds.

Loving the tiger!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

May has almost come and gone...

Wow, I have been horrible about updating the blog. We have been super busy here in the Harmon Household.

In the last week of April the boys and I headed on down to Mexico City Beach, Florida. My good friend Dawn has a friend with a beach house down there so 4 Army Wives (two which were pregnant) and 7 kids under the age of 4 moved into a 4 bedroom beach house. It went quite well with just a few meltdowns and we actually made it to the beach and back everyday!! Ian was quite adventurous and ran right into the ocean while Blake was scared of the waves and just stuck to making sand castles.

Then the 2nd weekend in May we made a 12 hour trip to Outer Banks to see Jeff's cousin Jackie get married on the beach. For some reason when we got the invitation quite some time ago I thought it was in a part of NC that was 6 hrs away. Even when I called and made the hotel reservation I was still thinking it was 6 hrs away. Well when I packed up the day before and printed off directions I was like OMG.... this place is 12 hours away!! We did the trip anyways and so glad that we did. It was long - left after Jeff got off work at 1pm Friday, and then left 9am Sunday - both of us worked on Monday! We were tired!!! We saw Jeff's side of the family that we haven't seen in such a long time. The boys enjoy the beach again - this time with Dad & the Harmon Gang.