Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bah Hum Bug

Tired to p0st this a few days ago...something went here it is:

Deployments stink! Whats been new: 2 trees down in my yard, dogs digging around my house making new holes for me to fill up, garage door is broke, Seattle trip coming up for Ian to see the neurologist again and do some more scans and one of my good Army Girlfriends is PCSing in a few weeks, my best friend is getting married and I can't be there!!

On a happier note: my house is clean, and we all are healthy & my girlfriend that is getting married is coming out to visit in July!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

"The Hole"

So I typed about my hole caused by break up and rain last are the pictures. Thanks to Dawn who watched the kiddos and lent her husband Jeremiah to me !! 3 hours later we were able to fill it up! Most of it anyways...the majority of it is filled. The part that isn't is really small and I could do by myself .... or Kyle if he is able to come up here and help me get the house sell ready....

Yes I did say SELL!! I think if our cards are played just right we will be out of here anywhere from late November - Late December. But, also, it could be summer 2010 - but we are hoping for this Dec. Trying not to get too excited....Please Pray that Jeff gets his job that he wants down in Ft Benning....



Friday, May 15, 2009

The Past 2 weeks -Grandma Visit.

One of my favorite pictures of Great-Grandma and her Grandson - can't you just feel the joy and laughter and love?

My grandma came in on April 30. We had so much fun with the boys. I hadn't seen her in over a year in a half. Last time was when Blake was 4 months old and he is nearly 2!!

She arrived when the temps were 75! We enjoyed the 4 days of the warm weather because shortly after it turned to overcast, wintry/rain mix. Because of the high temps breakup happened quite fast. All the snow melted, and caused me to see what a mess my yard was. Covered in toys, trash the dogs had carried out, and tons and tons of poop! Then I walk to the side of the house and see the HUGE problem. I guess the down pours we had just before the snow came last year, made a nice little river thru my back yard...well I knew about that. But then break up happened and the rush of the snow melting forced my little erosion problem turn into a huge mess! And the hugest problem of it all - all this erosion was happening over my septic tank. 4 feet of dirt missing and you could see my tank. Scared that the ground was going to finish thawing and then my septic tank shift and break off and make a nice poopy pool in my back yard - I frantically called to get it pumped. It was time for it to happen anyways. And then reassured me that it wasn't going to shift and break and that all I had to do is fill up the hole with some pit run. Yea - me fill a 4 foot by 5 feet long or bigger hole with pit run...very very funny!
Ok, well back to vacation. We hit all the hot spots in Fairbanks. She enjoyed everything. Even the vist to an Ortho Doc to get her knee drained of excess fluid -something that could have happened after her knee surgery earlier in March. Most of all she enjoyed going to the indoor pool every Monday for family swim. She sat in the sauna and hot tub and I swam with the boys. Ian did oh so well. I think I am going to enroll him in some swimming lessons if I can.
Another exciting thing is we sat in the hot springs and then we saw a moose. So Gma was quite content that she saw a moose! :) Eating lunch at Chena Hot Springs and the waiter comes over and says look out your window...and what do ya know mama and her babe!
I guess I should mention too I was a bit spoiled...Grandma loves to do wash - so at every given opportunity I was doing wash and she was folding it oh so nicely and putting it into organized piles. Made putting laundry away so much more easy! I told her that she was working to pay off her rent.

Here are some pictures of her 2 week vacation.

Gma and her moose

Picnic in Denali Park

The only snow left! At the Alyeska Pipe Line

All of us at Santa Clause House in North Pole

Reading bed time stories to the boys.