Sunday, September 21, 2008

Deployment Day 2

Yesterday at 830 am I dropped off Jeff at the side of the road for him to drop off his baggage. With a hug and a kiss he was gone - until Feb/March. We are hoping to take R&R then and head off to Hawaii!!

Its so funny. As soon as Jeff sets foot outside the house for any type of training/deployment the house begins to make noises. The first night I kept hearing all these noises that I either #1 never heard before or #2 am just paranoid now that Jeff isn't here so Im on edge. Im thinking #2.

This pre-deployment time went so well. We were relaxed, got along super well (we are usually stressed and end up fighting). Jeff packed early - we spent great family time together. Played with the boys, whipped up some great recipes and had great time in the kitchen - and just plain old had fun. It was sad to see him go.

I am strong and have to be strong for the boys. However it does break my heart when Ian asks when is daddy coming home. This is usually the conversation:

Ian: "Where is Daddy?"

Me: "Do you remember we had to drop him off to catch his plane?"

Ian: "Oh yea, His work - take a plane to the dessert. It's hot there."

Me: "Yes it is hot. He has to work in the dessert and help the people that live there. He will be gone for a while, but will be home in a bit to visit."

Ian: "I want to go on a plane to visit Daddy in the dessert. I will work with him."

Me: "No, Ian. We can't go where Daddy is. Its OK to miss Daddy. We can draw him a picture and mail it to him."

Ian: "Yes, draw a picture. Mail it and get a sticker." (They give out stickers at the post office to the kids. Ian likes to go!

We will be making TONS of pictures for daddy!


Natalie said...

Wow! Your pictures are amazing. I love the ones of Jeff laying down and the range in the background!

I got my layout at

Click on free layouts and then, I believe, three column layout templates to see your options. No need to register (at least I didnt').

Sassy Gal said...

I love catching up on your blog. It is so cute! I love the background and you know I adore are awesome.
Praying for Jeff and you and boys...everyday. I am using your blog as a teaching tool for my oldest to learn a/b what our soldiers are doing for us!!
LOVE the Vegas pics, too....what did you do w/ the kids for the nightly activities?? I might wanna go but don't think I better take Brazos and Blu to "Fantasy" ha!