Monday, September 1, 2008

Grandma and Grandpa Visit

Jeff and Ian on train at Pionner Park

Blake enjoying his train ride

So a few days after we returned from Vegas Jeffs Dad and wife (Phil and Mona) came out to visit. They hit up the kids in Seattle first and then made way up to AK. Although they were only here for three days we jam packed the days full of fun! We had Ians Birthday BBQ and they were able to meet all of our close friends, went to the Salmon Bake, Pipe Line, Park, rode a Train, tour of Fairbanks and then they were kind enough to babysit while I had my surgery and recovered at home. So they had plenty of grandkid time with Mom and Dad away at the hospital. The boys loved the visit and when they woke up the next day Ian asked where they went and wanted them to come back! Here are a few pictures from the visit!

Happy Birthday Ian
Grandma and Blake
The boys and the train!

Grandpa and Blake on Train

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