Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Baby Shower/BBQ Bash

This past weekend my mom (Lori) and my Brother (Kyle) and his girlfriend (Leisa) were up from VA to visit - just happened to be my 30th birthday weekend. My grandma was turning 80 that weekend as well - but due to a PICC line that she was getting taken out, she was unable to make the trip....WE MISSED YOU!!

But my friends threw a Baby Shower for me while the boys hung outside and grilled and drank beer and everyone enjoyed the 18 foot water slide that we rented. Don't worry, I didn't go down it in fear that when I crashed in the pool Laurel would pop out! Despite a rain storm right in the middle, we had a blast. Thanks everyone for all the neat gifts, I know Laurel will be excited to use them all! :)

Again, it was great friends, and great food. Thanks to all that came and celebrated!

Gram Gram going down slide

Ian had so much fun and asks for a water slide everyday!!!

Me and the waterslide...to bad I couldn't go down, it looked fun!

Yummy Shower cake!!

Ha Ha, thats Jeff!!

Sparklers before bedtime with the Family

Alabama Sunset

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Dirty 30!!

The day has come where I am 30! On my birthday I enjoyed a Maternity Photo Session with an awesome lady! Ginny Dainels A few days before (at 6pm it was 100 degrees with 100% humidity!) - Jeff and I with the boys met up with her to do a family session to capture everyone before Laurels arrival. Just in case she comes early I did the session early! I want to get a book to capture my pregnancy, the boys, Jeff and I - and then her newborn shots. She did an amazing job and it was fun to get all dressed up for my birthday and do a photo shoot! Please enjoy the sneak peaks she sent me.... as soon as the gallery is up I will post the link with password!! Enjoy!

Mini Vacation!

We traveled up into Alabama to Birmingham so Jeff could run an Xterra Race! It was a half marathon of trail running, and a little part thru a huge mud puddle - which was a couple feet long. We went with our good friends the Hurleys and met up with some more Hurleys' (Jeremiahs brother and sister in law).

We stayed in an awesome spa resort : Renaissance Birmingham Ross Bridge Golf Resort & Spa it was awesome and we will be staying there next year when I run the race! :) They had an awesome pool with water slide and now that Ian can swim very well with a life vest on he had a blast. Blake is getting better with the life vest and the floaty ducky that he is glued to.

So the morning of the race the Hurley's and Jeff got ready to run the race. (We had adjoining rooms) so when they left - it was me and 4 sleeping kids. 4 kids ages: 1,2,3 &4! We managed to play, eat breakfast, get dressed, potty and go to the car.... only to miss everyone cross the finish line! So I didn't get any pictures. :( I should have been a little faster... but loading up 4 kids and being 29 weeks pregnant was my workout for the weekend.

We enjoyed our pool side service of sandwiches and drinks and fruit and lounged around that afternoon.

All and all it was a great weekend with great friends!

Every night there was a bag pipe guy playing he walked around the hotel. It was pretty cool after dinner one night we caught up to him and Dawn took this picture of Blake and I. Jeff had to take Ian back to the room due to a headache (he played 4 hrs in the sun and was super tired and dehydrated). But here is the one picture we have! Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Baby Laurel & Pregnancy

I have some time on my hands. Blake is watching cartoons and Ian doesn't feel so good. He has been having a headache since yesterday afternoon - so I'm killing time until we see the doctor this afternoon. (Another Dr, saw one last night) I probably should be doing laundry and catching up on some household chores, but blogging is keeping my mind off Ians headache... which is making me think about his Brain Tumor....

Here is some happy news. I am 28 weeks pregnant and despite a rocky start of the vertigo and getting that fixed and the Gestational Diabetes (which I am not taking meds for) and the hormone shot that I have to take every week (in my bootie) to try to keep her from coming to early... geez that sounds like a lot doesn't it? I feel fine... with an occasional contraction/Braxton Hicks daily. The Army Base has finally kicked me off post to a civilian doctor (which I have been trying to see all along with the history of my preemies) so I will start seeing her next week - since my history of delivery at 35 @ 33 1/2 weeks are fast approaching.....

Here are some pictures of the nursery. Really can't do to much since we are renting the house but I am nesting, so I'm setting it up little by little. :)

Crib with Flower Quilt made by Chelsey and Jeffs Baby Blanket (the yellow one) still waiting on bedding to get mailed to me. And we aren't leaving the crib there with my fear of her getting tangled in the blinds and getting all wrapped up!

Pink Pink Pink

Baby Laurel

Cute Foot!


Word of the day: Gobbles.

Blake loves playing with his "Gobbles" in the pool.