Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last day of 2008: PJ Fun Day!

Well today it was way to cold to go out. I think it stayed 45 below zero all day long. So I made an executive decision that today would be PJ Fun day. We would play all day and do fun things! What a way to end out the year 2008! Ian did have a problem with staying in PJs all day long he wanted to "pick out his outfit" so he picked out some fleecy sweats to wear.

Ian the future ROCK STAR!

We had nice warm foods all day long and watched our new movies that the boy got for Christmas. Followed by warm chocolate milk and our Craft Project! Look for it in your mailbox here shortly! I had done something like this with Ian when he was a baby and made a pillow for everyone...this blog that I read daily perked up my memory: Just For Fun


Start off with Painted White Foot Prints
Ian enjoyed painting Blake's foot!

Decorate how you want - Blake is applying snow flakes. He also helped with the hats on the snowman's head!

Ian applying snowflakes, He enjoyed painting the noses and some hats as well

The finished product: 12 Let It SNOW pictures!

I hope to have a nice rest before waking up in 2009. This will be highly likely because Blake is getting his 12 month molars. All four at them at the same time! I have been ora gel-ing, having him suck on Popsicles, Tylenol-ing, massaging gums - hes has been quite the pillmister the last few nights. So much that he just wants to be held and he has NEVER been a co-sleeper! One has broken thru - lets just hope that the other 3 will pop and this mess will be over with!!

I leave you with my wish for you for 2009:

May peace break into your house. May thieves come to steal your debts. May the pockets of your jeans become a magnet for $100 bills. May love stick to your face like bubble gum and may only laughter assault your lips! May your clothes smell always of success. May happiness slap you across the face and your only tears be those of joy. May the problems you had, forget your address!

Monday, December 29, 2008

North Pole Ice Park

We had a blast at the North Pole Ice Park. :) The kids had fun (grownups included)!

Playing in negative temps!

Grandma and Blake down the ice slide

Ian down the Ice Slide

Ian, Gram Gram and Grandpa Ron playing in swirly ice thingy. (sorry mom, to cute of a picture not to put up. she requested no pics of her on the website! hehe)

Ready to go home...had to get a pic of North Pole AK!

Christmas update...

My Mom and Ron were out here for about a week. Despite Ian and I being sick for about 2-3 days - and then Ron getting sick a couple of days later we had a great visit. Lots of fun playing at the house a trip to the UAF Museum, out to eat at few of my favs - trip to some of the fun stores in town. We were going to go Dog Mushing, but the dropping temps said otherwise. Glad that Mom and Ron were able to experience 40 below zero. Not sure how much they appreciated that since they are from Va Beach!! haha.

Christmas day was super fun. The boys got some great gifts from Santa's from all over the lower 48! Here are a few pictures from Christmas! Ian & Blake have enjoyed watching all the movies, reading books, playing games and playing with toys - not to mention staying cozy in new PJS!

The rocketship that Ians been asking every Santa for!

Rachet the transformer!

Blake opening up his present

Blake first thing in the morning, waking up!

Santa at the school

Baby its cold outside....

This picture says it all!!! this was taken 28 Dec around 3pm!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Sometimes I wish...

I had the skills of a plumber & washer machine repair person.

WHY you ask ??

Well for starters, my dear husband, left without showing me how to shut the water off and change the water filter on our water-thing-a-ma-bob. Well let me rephrase: shut off the water to the house - there are so many nobs out there. I know how to change the filter, but I am scared to try in fear of water spewing all over the place! Of course I am blaming this on him; even though I have watched him countless time and Im sure that he has showed me countless times, but the time that I wanted to learn, and was ready to pay attention was right before the deployment - stress galore - so lets add Plumbing 101 for Kristin! So, this little lesson got shoved to the end of the "to do list" and never got done. Now, my water pressure is pretty low. Im pretty sure I could pee with more force than my shower spits out!

Now on to problem number two: water temperature. I am not sure if because of the recent drop of temperatures that its taking longer for our water to heat up faster - it is coming from way down below the frozen ground from our well.... Well I looked at the damn contraption for nearly 45 min looking for a temperature gauge of some sort... unless its starting right at me, I couldn't find it. And there is NO owners manual to this thingy! I think its called a broiler?!

It doesnt help that most of my lady friends are military families and the husband is overseas...

OH - and to top it off my washer machine broke today - and its monday - and on mondays I do wash... so im going to be SUPER behind because the fix it man wont' come until the 26th. Thank god for warranty! I thought I would go a little "green" and buy the water efficient front loader ones - they are FAB - but barley a year and a half old it breaks...crappie...I must have a super dirty family...


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jeff says hi!

Here is a picture of Jeff. The story behind this picture is that Al Qaeda once lived in this house, or did something to this house - hence the hand prints. That is the mark of Al Qaeda. All the Iraqis wont' go near the mark for fear of something bad would happen... I guess Jeff doesn't think that... He says Hello!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Jingle take two

Ok, so the first video ending not so well I thought we would try another one... Blake didn't want to stick around...prob a good thing b/c he would have knocked out his brother this time! :)

Christmas Video

Here is a little Christmas video of the boys. We are attempting to sing Jingle Bells. Blake got a little to 'jingley' with his bell....

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Missing Daddy

Today I am feeling a little better - yesterday was the pits - Ian has the stomach bug. He is felling a little better...but not quite there yet. He is also missing Daddy big time today - took a picture of our fridge (full of daddy) and was walking around the house crying. So sad! Also, Blake has taken to love his "Blankie" he has his pacifier... but now he likes his blanket and his is pacifier. Heaven forbid if we take them away!

ps - I have found a new addiction: (great for editing pictures!)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Potty Training

SO - potty training was going ok...then Ian got a stomach bug which forced me to put up pullups b/c it was awful! So now we have taken a million steps backwards. The bug is still around so I need pull ups until its all cleared up.... I need to hire someone to potty train for me... why does parenting have to be so hard? :) is a cute picture of Proud Ian when we were going pee pee on the potty!