Sunday, September 28, 2008

First Snow

So I was hoping that I had dreamed that I drove home in snow last night and I would wake up to grass and leaves on the ground. Instead I woke up to a three year old waking me up at 7am saying it was "Wake up time, and that there was snow." He kept bugging me all morning until I finally got the snowsuits, boots and gloves out! Boy how I have missed how long it takes to bundle up your kids, and you! It probaly took me close to an hour to get everyone dressed! What fun this will be this winter. Here is our adventure outside this morning!!

Trying to get the perfect picture to send to Dad!

Checking out the dogs being silly and running around the yard.

Taking a break. Being three is hard work!

He is learning! Gloves come off, give them to mama to put back on!

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erika said...

Make lemonade Kristin! Spike mine:)