Thursday, June 12, 2008


Sleep, or should I say lack there of! This sucks, BIGTIME. I have an almost one year old who still won't sleep thru the night. He is still nursing at least once during the night. He usually goes right back to sleep right afterwards. But then Ian, almost three, still wakes up MULTIPLE times a night. He hasn't slept thru the night EVER. Well maybe I can count on one hand. Just last night he went to bed around 9pm and was up at midnight, two and then up for good at 430am. I thought about letting him cry, but then he would wake up Blake and then I would have two pissed off children. I am at wits end right now. I haven't had a decent amount of sleep going on three years. I know that may sound selfish, but enough is enough. When will my kids sleep? Ian usually wants something like water, or says hes hungry or is just screaming, I mean blood curling screaming with real tears for MOMMY. Daddy won't do - if he goes in there - he is usually more pissed off to see Jeff. This especially sucks a big fatty when I have to wake up at 5am to get ready for work. I usually have everything ready so all I have to do is shower, get dressed - make a sandwich and then get the kids ready for daycare and then nurse Blake. I love my kids dearly, but please, for the love of God - let this woman get a decent nights rest. And they don't nap at the same time during the day because for some reason if all the housework was done by the housework fairy I would be able to take a nap. But this RARELY happens! Im seriously thinking about getting a cleaning lady once Jeff deploys. Another set of hands would help me out TONS and I won't be as stressed....ok now Im getting onto another tanget...sleep...all I want is sleep. So as I finish typing this I am hoping Ian will go to sleep and that 5am doesn't come to quickly because I have to work tomorrow. However, my dad is coming up to visit for two weeks so maybe he'll be a great dad and get up with the kids one morning so his daughter can sleep...that is all I think about..sleep, sleep , sleep!!!! zzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZ

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Natalie said...

I think sleep is every mother's nemisis. Lila just started to sleep through the night at 19-months. She was still nursing 1-2 times/night until last week. Then, our sitter put her to bed two nights in a row and that ended that (maybe she thinks I'm not there). Though, she does nurse more during the day now.

With Olivia, I was having issues. Our pediatrition in AK (she's since PCS'd) told us to give Olivia ONE chance. By two-years-old, she said Olivia would understand what one chance meant. So, she could ask for water at 11:00pm or 3:00am - but whatever time she picked, that was IT. We were NOT to back in until an agreed upon time and she was not allowed out of room until then either. Of course, this helps if the child is still in a crib, if you close the door to bedroom or make it so they can't get out by putting a tall gate in the doorway to room. Anyway, once we stuck with the once chance thing, it worked great. And,she actually, didn't wake up Lila.

Anyway, I love the book, "healthy sleep habits, happy child."

Not sure if your boys are too old for that book. Well, Blake isn't and I think there's good toddler sleep advice in there. If you're going to have another baby eventually, that book is worth getting.

I think sleep training, however you decide to do it, is a complete pisser for a couple of weeks. Each one waking up the other. But, if you stick to whatever plan you come up with, eventually, they'll both get the "hint" and it'll get easier.

Is Jeff willing to help you with Blake (as in he goes in, hugs him, gives him a sippy cup and leaves), at least? My husband doesn't like to help w/sleep training. Maybe your dad will help? All I know is that you want to get this figured out before the deployment. What does the pediatrition say? Any good advice there.

Good luck! Liv's been getting up earlier and earlier and last week, at 5:00am, I send her back to bed screaming. I will not allow her to get up until 7:00 (though, I will bend by 6:45). Even Matt helps me with this if he hasn't left the house. She cries and then cries herself to sleep until 7:30, usually. If she gets up before 7:00, she's a wreck y 12:00.

Anyway, I'm rambling. Good luck again. I do feel your pain. Sleep issues will kill any idea of having another baby. Good sleep = better mom, happier and healthier kids. Attaining good sleep may be harder than dealing with a few months of colic!