Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Birthday Party

So it is now 123 am and after a long trip to the Artic Circle Blake won't go to sleep so I am blogging away. Catching you up on what we have been doing the past couple days since my dad flew into town. We had Blakes 1st Birthday Party early because in July Jeff will be training in California for about 5 weeks and all of our friends (all the wifeys) are going down to the lower 48 to visit with family while the husbands are gone. So I thought we would do his party early so all of our friend could partake in this special day. First thing - this was kind of a last minute party/BBQ so where I usually order all the party decorations http://www.birthdayexpress.com/ couldn't get me the supplies I needed in time so off to the local party store. If I need to remind you that I am in Fairbanks, Ak - that should say it all. Really not a good place to shop for things. So I was disappointed in what they had, but when with a cute napkin and table cover and got different color plain plates and silverware.

OH I should start out by saying that I worked Thursday/Friday and this BBQ was going to be Sunday and my Dad flew in on Saturday and it also was our 6 year anniversary so I had to have Jeff go on Friday to go get the cake. Because we were going to be busy during the weekend. When I said go get the cake I didn't realize that if you tell a man that they will just go and get any cake. I think I told him to get a First Birthday Cake - so instead of ordering a cute baby First Birthday Cake. He comes home with a plain sheet cake with "Happy Birthday Blake". So I was bummed a little bit with that because it wasn't what I had envisioned. Then add on the stinky choice of decorations at the party store.... Ians party I had planned and went all out for and I said that I would never jip the 2nd child! Well, he got jipped I feel.

All and all we had a fun time - our friends came out to enjoy a BBQ and enjoyed watching Blake eat his first piece of cake. Blake had a wonderful first birthday party and that is all that matters! We spent the day with family and friends that we care very much about! :)

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Natalie said...

I say just order a small cake (like, six inch) when he really does turn one and have it made exactly the way you envisioned. That may make up for it. Take lots of pictures and, someday, he'll see you got him two cakes and won't feel jipped! :)