Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The neverending drive for one sign

When I plan a trip I like to research how long it will take to get there - maybe stops along the way - gas stations - ask around if there are other things to see. Pack the car accordingly to what I have discovered about our adventure we are about to embark. Well this was not the case for this spur of the moment trip to the Artic Circle. My husband reassured me it would be a quick 2 hr drive because he heard it was only 90 miles from Fairbanks. I had heard that it took 6-7 hrs from a friend who went last summer. (It took her that long b/c of construction). So what did I do - listened to my Husband who is the Army man, right?! I packed the boys bag (diapers, wipes, snacks, baby food, back up formula, small sandwich for Ian) and three PB&J Sandwiches for the grownups. Grabbed the 5 gallon gas jug 'just in case'.

Well it took almost 4 hrs to get the Artic Circle. The weather was on and off sunny, rainy, overcast. The road I had heard was not paved - well at least when you got the Dalton Highway anyways. Now, the Dalton Highway is partially paved. I would say about 80% of it is. It goes - dirt road, paved road, dirt road, paved road. So to make a long story short - Saw the pipeline along the road, no animals, the Yukon River (which is a wooden bridge to cross this MASSIVE RIVER) and the Artic Circle. OH don't let me forget the mosquitoes that are huge. I mean large enough to carry Blake away if I wasn't holding on to him for dear life. Thank goodness I have a spare family friend bug spray in the car at all times. You never know about where you are going here in AK- always carry bug spray!

And the gas can full of gas helped us out at the Artic Circle. So I am Happy to say that we made an 8 hr round trip for a couple of pictures. So, now I can say that I have been to the Artic Circle and will never go there again! The kids were great in the car - just the last 30 min were bad. We stopped and ate at Silver Gulch. One of our favorite places to eat.

So here is the summary:

Gas for trip: $75.00
8 hr trip: Got a flat butt/headache from last 30 min in car with kids crying to get out
Taking picture of Artic Circle with Family: Priceless

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Natalie said...

One word: Jealous

We never made it up there. No idea why. Lack of motivation, long deployment, two babies born. All excuses. We missed out!