Sunday, June 8, 2008

Fun Sunday

So every Sunday we have the same morning. We usually wake up around 7am - try to read the paper before the kids wake up. Then we get ready for our weekly breakfast club. We look forward to every Sunday! We meet up at this North Pole Diner. The waitress there knows us because we have been going there close to a year now. We get the same drinks and she sees us in the parking lot and then she gets them and they are at the table before we can unload the kids from the car. We all (Dawn & Jeremiah, Chelsey & Jeff and Jeff and I and Ian) get the same thing - sometimes we throw off our waitress and change it up a bit. Anyways... I enjoy spending time with our friends and chit chatting away. Makes for a great Sunday morning. Here is our Breakfast crew in front of Angle rock that we hiked last Sunday.

OH! Here is some exciting news: Blake has finally gotten his bottom 2 teeth and I was FINALLY able to get a picture! He also had some fun playing with Maggie and Trooper while Ian was sleeping on the couch!! We had a fun Sunday!!


The Beans said...

Sounds so fun! Isn't it great to have such good friends. I think it's so great that you guys get out and do so many fun things!! That's awesome.

The Dunns said...

Such cuties! And your landscaping (above) looks great!

Jamie said...

What cute pictures! Adorable little one!