Monday, June 2, 2008


I must say that Ian does have quite an imagination for being almost 3 years old. But maybe its normal because Im not around a lot of three year olds! Just today I was walking thru one of my favorite (and only stores in Fairbanks) Fred Myers. Here is our conversation:

Ian whispering: "Mommy we need to go fast"

Me whispering: "Why?"

Ian: "Because there is a monster in there" (Pointing with his middle finger!)

So I speed up the cart. "Ok did he go away"

Ian Pointing with his middle finger "Pshhhhhhhh Pshhhhhhhhhhh"

Me: "What are you doing?"

Ian: "Shooting fire"

Me: "Out of your finger?"

Ian: "Yes mom. I protect you. I superman"

Today we had such a fun day. Jeff had off, we both got our errands done (separately and kid free) and enjoyed playing with the boys. Always nice to have a great day!!

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