Sunday, June 1, 2008

Angel Rock Hike

So Jeff and I along with 3 other couples went out for a "beginner hike" up to Angel Rocks. It is out near Chena Hot Springs about an hour away from my house. It was classified as an easy hike and that this "loop" was about 3.5 miles. We start off and it is easy - but then the hard part happens. Its like climbing up a damn mountain! It was not easy at all. I thought I was sorta in shape and this hike sure showed me that indeed, I am not. However, I thought the hike up was difficult and sure the hike down should be easy. Well, not on this trail! It was horrendous! I mean going straight down on loose dirt/pebbles. It was easier to walk through the thick of the woods rather then walk on the trail! I did take a fall and almost take out Jeff, which was quite entertaining for everyone to watch. We did encounter TONS of moose turds along with some Bear poopies which made me walk a bit faster down the trail to the car! It was quite an adventurous day trip with out the kiddos. We then ate an overpriced lunch at Chena Hot Springs - thought about taking a dip in the hot springs and decided not to. Here are some of our trip!

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