Friday, July 18, 2008

Smaller Trash Can or Larger Muscles!

So you find out little things about your house when your husband isn't home. Number one - you appreciate when he takes out the trash. We have a HUGE trash can in our garage that we put the trash in. We can't have a smaller one in the house - #1 the dogs get in it & #2 the kids get in it. So we opted to buy a large industrial trash can in plop it right outside our door that goes from the house into our garage.

Jeff usually does all the trips to the dump - before that my brother did it. How nice of them. Since Jeff is in California I've taken over trash duty. However I would love for my three year old to do it! Wait, he can't drive yet, so I guess its back on me! Ive gone to the dump before -but always for boxes when we moved or when we got packages in the mail. Well I went to the dump when the trash can was half full - and took some diaper boxes, packages I gotten in the mail. No biggie! Well now its been about 2 weeks and my garbage can is packed full... and guess what?! Im a wimp... haha... no arm muscles.

I can't empty it! Is there a garbage muscle man that I can rent to empty it?!? Haha. I have to dump the bigger bag into smaller ones....made for a fun stinky morning!

Well I am going to go to some store to get a smaller trash can b/c when Jeff deploys for over a year - Im not going to want to play in the trash every 2 weeks so I m going to opt for a smaller one with more trips to the dump because I dont see myself getting super buff in order to pick up those large trash bags. :)

The life of a Harmon wifey!! :)

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Natalie said...

I say two smaller trash cans. That way, you're not traveling there too oten!

Deployments suck all around. Holly Dunn, over at Dunn Diaries - linked on my blog, has a great predeployment post - posted just yesterday. I think you'd enjoy it. Her husband is w/aviation, who I believe are deploying now. But, she survived through our 16-month deployment and always set such an example with her positive attitude and outlook. Me, I was a whiney, crying mess during the extention and throughout the deployment, I went home as much as Matt let me (I used frequent flyers miles) and ran away from it all like a baby. When the extension was announced, I ran home to mom and dad and didn't come home until I was 36-weeks pregnant. Yeah, that was fun - flying from the NE back to Alaska with a 20-month-old and ready to pop. It was the second deployment I had went through w/Matt and you'd think I'd have been a better example to the women in the brigade who had never went through it before. Anyway, I digress. You'll make it through! I'll enjoy reading your blog throughout it!