Saturday, July 19, 2008


So Ian has been talking a lot more and I would like to share some our conversations.

Ian: "Help me mommy, Help me."
he is trying to thread a shoelace through a square with holes
Me: "You are doing a great job, go slower."
Ian: "Its to hard, yea, to hard for boys."
Me: "What is to hard for boys."
Ian: "This toy."
Me: "Oh, ok."

Ian running up to me: "Mommy Blakie has poopies, Pe-uww"
Me: "Thanks, Ian."
Ian: "Your welcome mommy."

Im getting dressed in the morning. He brings me a bra and says:
"This is for girls, not boys, yea girls. Here ya go mommy."
Me: Laughing. "Thanks, Ian"
Tickling Blake.
Ian: "He likes that mommy."
Me: "Yes he does, please be gentle."
Ian to Blake: "Your a silly goose, Bakie, hahahahaha"

Putting Ian to bed:
Me: "Ok Ian we are done reading our book its time to lay down and close your eyes and go to sleep."
Ian: "No, No."
Me: "Yes Ian, you need your sleep to get bigger and strong."
Ian: "Big like Daddy."
Me: "Yes, big and strong like Daddy. Please lay down and go to sleep."
Ian: "Its very hard, yea, its hard to go to sleep."
Me: "Its not hard, just close your eyes and go to sleep. Goodnight, Mommy and Daddy love you." Ian: "Thanks mommy"

There are many more. I just can't think of them off the top of my head. He is soo funny to talk to now. Makes me laugh!

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The Dunns said...

Very cute! I love little talkers.