Thursday, July 3, 2008

Going Back to work & Deployments

So I have enjoyed my 2 weeks off from work with which my father visited. And this week I had mostly off because I work the 4th and 5th (Fri & Sun). I am ready to go back to work, but not ready to do my 5am routine without Jeff. He is in California right now training. He left yesterday. It was sad -we were telling Ian about how Daddy had to go away for a while to California to work but he would be back in a few weeks. We told him that he could help Daddy pack his bags. Ian then proceeded to say "Daddy I want to work in California with you. Yes, thats my job, Yea, California" It was so cute, but so sad at the same time. We haven't brought up the Iraq Deployment yet. We'll see how he does with this one and then the when Jeff returns we'll watch the Elmo deployment video and then talk about it....not looking forward to that one.

I will however; just be going back part time now. We have finally gotten some more nurses on my floor so I won' t be working full time anymore. I did enjoy the paychecks, but not being home playing with the kids isn't worth all the paychecks in the world. I'll just do my 2 12 hour shifts a week and be happy with that!! So my 5am routine will go slowly but I'll get back in the swing of things since being on vacation.Just something I have to "click into" - the Army Wife Role - and get used to Jeff not being around and running the household by myself since Jeff will be deploying here shortly. It is so 2nd nature to me to turn off being 'wifey' when Jeff is here and then turn on the "other wifey" when Jeff's not here. One of the things I guess you just get used to when your husband deploys a lot. This will be Jeffs third deployment. (1st one for 8 months, 2nd for 13 and now the 3rd hopefully for only 12 months - I wont hold my breath though)
Those are my thoughts right now. On a lighter note enjoy some pictures of the kids this past week.

Blake playing the bubble tub. He loves splashing the water!

Best picture I have of the both of them sitting side by side.

Ian loves bubbles. He enjoys making a "bubble hair on my chin"

Hey, if my husband has to tote this 35+lbs thing around - I should at least try it on and walk around in it.

Ians newest trick - to rearrange the furniture looking for his cars that get stuck underneath the sofa. Walked into the room with Blake exploring the Guitar and Ian mad the couch wasn't moving!

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