Thursday, July 24, 2008

Card Making Fun

So I have found something totally relaxing and fun to do. And I can try to be creative at the same time! :) I made cards today. Homemade cards from card card stock, used ribbon and stamps -- even water color. I went to a workshop which one of my friends hosted. She is a Close to My Heart Representative. I enjoyed this class along with lunch with one of my friends from work. It was a Kristin Day!! Most of all I was kid free -- stress free -- for four hours! I plan to join the scrap booking club as well. I think I will enjoy this time during the deployment. Time for me to spend some time with some 'grown ups' and do something that really doesn't require me to do much thinking! Enjoy the cards, who knows you might get one in the mail! Be on the look out!!

So you have to click on the picture to see it close up!
The hippo one says: "Your Hip" on the inside
And the bird one says: "Just because"

Check out the cards, aren't they cute?!

The Hello Hello was all my idea - she had the squares cut out, but the rest -ME.
The Hello Hello one also has a stamp of the alligator in it - just because I thought he was cute!

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