Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Gotta get thru the bad days to have a good one!

So since White Water Rafting lots has happened. I have been super busy and super sad, and super loved and super happy. A roller coaster of emotions! This is what we have been up to.

I worked the day after rafting. I pre-pack everything the night before so the morning will go smoothly right?! WRONG. I packed everything for the boys - load them up in the car, load up all the bags that go with them. Then I hop in the car. One major thing is missing - my KEYS! Long story short - never found them that morning. Had a friend take me to work and showed up 50 min late. Very mad at myslef, crying -cursing the Army b/c if Jeff was here he would drive me, or at least give me his keys. (Now I am getting TONS of my car key copied to have at the house just in case) I felt great after having gone swimming in the Nenana; however, I thought I had swimmers ear - big fat negative. I had one of the peds Drs look in my ears (Perk of working at a hospital - have the Drs you work for see you on the floor!) well I have two ear infections - no wonder why I have been feeling so crappy. So on an antibiotic I go, oral and one for my ears. (Still feel crappy today and its been what, 6 days?)

Ok so then I work Saturday... which the boys didn't sleep very well at all on Friday night. When oh when will they BOTH sleep thru the night? At this rate, never! Work went well. Nothing really to exciting Saturday night except that the boys slept GREAT. I think I slept from 9-3 straight! WOO HOO. I felt super rested. BUT then I couldn't find my name badge and this lets me in the locked doors in the morning. Took me a while to find a door that wasn't locked. UGH.

Sunday I met up with a couple to eat breakfast and all hell broke loose after that. The boys were not happy. Ian wanted his daddy and he wanted him now. Crying for Jeff, asking me when daddy was going to come home to play with him - telling me he wanted to go on a plane to see daddy. This all broke my heart. It is just something that is going to happen again and again when Jeff deploys to Iraq. This was really hard for me to see Ian so upset and wanting to see Jeff. So we just cuddled and said it was ok to miss Daddy and that we should make Daddy a picture to come to. Ian gave me a hug and said Thanks and off to color we went! That moment was so cute when he said "Thanks (more like tanks) Mommy" I felt super loved!

Monday came and I put the boys in daycare to go to a scrapbooking class. Very Fun! I needed the time away from the kids to talk to other women and be creative. I will post a picture of what I made in another post. Its a picture album called "heros handbook". Turned out really neat.
They slept great Monday night. Finally some sleep ... Im getting good at running on 4 hours.

Then today is Blakes First birthday. We had an awesome day. We all woke up, took a little walk. Everyone was happy! Went to Lowes to buy some flowers, off to the commissary to pick up some food, and back home to plant the flowers and to have a little photo shoot with Blake - Ian wouldn't really let me take any pictures of him. He kept running around saying smile and I could only get a good one of him. Then we took another walk - this time with the two dogs. YIKES- that was hard! They about pulled out my arms! And Ian is passed out on the couch while Blake is playing. Ian fell asleep while I was changing Blake and I can't get him up to save my life. So it will be a late night for me and I have to work in the morning. Woe is me...

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