Monday, July 13, 2009

Busy July...4th of the July

Well we went to a small town about an hour away called Nenana for the 4th of July. Our friend had a friend who grew up there and mom still lived out that way and she said they had tons of fun activities for kids and then we would head out to her mom's house for a BBQ.

We had a blast. They had tons of kids games...such as three legged race, potato hopping race, potato run race, egg race - and the coolest thing was that 1st place won $1 and 2nd place 50 cents and everyone else that participated won a quarter! :)

I did the three legged race with my girlfriend and Kyle did the potato sac race. Ian had a blast doing numerous races. He came home with $1.75. (We are pretty sure he won the carry the egg race, but the judges said otherwise...oh well)
After the races we went to my friend's friends moms house. (Confusing I know) We enjoyed some fabulous food and met some great people. There were tons of kids and the boys enjoyed playing on the swing set - a MUST have for our new house when we move to GA!
Enjoy some pictures of our fun fourth!!

Ian getting ready for the potato sac race
Trying to help him along...few seconds he fell over.
Getting out of the because he fell...he said it wasn't fun anymore. :)
Uncle Kyle's turn!

Blake watching the festivities.

Getting ready for the potato race
Egg race.
Whoops dropped the egg after the race was over.
Ian got his quarter!

Loving this swing at the BBQ

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