Sunday, June 28, 2009

Midnight Sun Run

After getting back from Seattle on Thursday I worked a 12 hour shift and then on Saturday enjoyed a fun day of planting flowers and playing with the kids in the yard. Later that afternoon I met up with my three RN girlfriends and enjoyed some Thai food and great Cake that one of them made for me.

They then dropped me off to run a 10K with another RN friend! She was a sport putting up with me and a full stomach... bad of me to stuff my face...(but it was my birthday outing!). It was so much fun. The race started at 10pm and was still light out - well more like overcast because it was sprinkling/ raining. I loved it. The neighborhoods were awesome, playing music- having cookouts, offering beer & water & lemonade. They even had sprinklers set up and were squirting you with squirt guns despite the fact that it was raining. I would totally do this again if we are here next summer (don't think we will be, don't panic family members on the east coast! hehe) We crossed the finish line at 1 hr 24 min. However, it did take us 20 min to do the first mile due to the 3000 people that were running it to... so maybe knock a few min off of that time? So maybe I did it in a hour 20 min? ! I forgot to start my clock when we went across the start!

After that I enjoyed some drinks at a bar with my nurse friends. I had an over night babysitter so I enjoyed my frist night kid free in almost 4 years! I had a great birthday celebration!

At my friends house right before the race 900 pm
After race - about 1145 pm.
Fun night out.

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