Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The House Knows!

The house knows that its going up on the market this weekend. It has decided to have a couple of things break!

Before we went on our way to Valdez the well thought it would be nice to stop producing water, therefore; when we got home from running our errands - I had the dishwasher going, and some clothes in the washer - the holding tank was BONE DRY. I thought I had plenty of water to do those things. Apparently not!

So we had to wait till the morning to get water. Poor Sarah - travels over 4000 miles to visit me and now we can't flush! We get water - then we pack up and leave. We come home to a full holding tank (thank goodness) BUT no water pressure. It was dribbling out of the facet! Well couldn't' call a plumber on the weekend because it would cost to much for them to come out on the weekend. So I wait till Monday to have them come...2 hours and a couple hundred dollars later...we have water pressure!!

THEN my garage door breaks....its possessed. Having someone come out to look at it. Then later that afternoon I look out my front window and what do I see?!!? ANOTHER FALLEN TREE!!

Ahhhhhh I tell you I don't know how much more I can take. Its to the point now that I just laugh. Ive been thru so much while Jeff has been deployed...all I can do is laugh!! Oh...and drink some wine! :)

The realtor comes on Thursday to take pictures and the house goes on the Market on the 18th... I'll be drinking LOTS of wine. :)

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