Saturday, November 15, 2008


We were off to Seattle Childrens yesterday. A beautiful hospital, that would be my dream job to work there! It was wonderful, kid friendly, bright colors. As soon as you walked in you felt welcomed. They had a greater on every floor. I must have looked super lost because she walked right up to me. She asked where I needed to go...I choked when I said Neurosurgery. Never in a million years did I think that I would be in a consultation about my child with a neurosurgeon. But if I were to do it - it was a good thing that I was doing it there. They are in the top 10 Childrens Hospitals in the Country. Also, the doctor that I was going to was voted best doctor in Seattle for 2006-2007.

So he was in surgery so we had to wait on him...not a big deal at all. Just made my nerves a little hyped up. We chat with him...Good news. He is NOT calling it a tumor. He is calling it a lesion. So pretty much hes not sure what it is. A lesion is some form of brain injury. That part I don't understand. I was so emotionally drained and It was just Ian and I - I really wasn't thinking right to ask the right questions, nor did I follow my own advice when I tell patients at my work - write down questions to ask the doctor before you go into the visit.

So, with this lesion we are going to do a follow up MRI in 3 months. We are not in the clear yet - if this "thing" changes shape, position, size we return to see the surgeon and discuss a biopsy. And then go from there. If there is NO change in 3 months we will have an MRI every 6 months for a few times then it will go yearly. All results will be sent to Seattle Children's and they will discuss Ian's case in front a a tumor board. He did say that Ian could have this thing for ever and never bother him. However, if it did change size, shape or position - it would be classified as a tumor and he said that he would be 90% sure it would be benign.

I cannot thank you all enough for all the great thoughts, messages, prayers! We just need to pray now for no growth and just maybe, maybe the next MRI it could be gone. I know that is wishful thinking - but now I can relax just a little and enjoy my brother-in-law and sister-in-law a little more and enjoy playing with thier little girl Kaylee- pictures to come. They have been wonderful to us so far! :) I can't thank them enough.


The Dunns said...

So glad to hear the (relatively) good news. It sounds like a wonderful hospital and the best care Ian could have gotten! We will keep you in our prayers. Safe travels!

dawnie33 said...

praise the lord for the wonderful news....i will keep you all in my prayers.....please keep me updated!!!