Thursday, November 6, 2008

Trip to Seattle

So with Ian's headaches, eye pain and an abnormal Brain MRI - we have won a golden ticket to see a Pediatric Neurologist in Seattle. YEA! Can you hear my sarcasm!? Just waiting on my orders to be cut and then I guess I will be contacting SATO to get my travel vouchers. This is all new to me and to be working with the Army is like pulling teeth - so we'll see how much hair turns grey this trip! haha.

My good friend Dawn will be watching Blake during my 3 day stay at Seattle. Bringing him would just be much more stressed. It will be very hard to leave him behind for a few days but I know he is is great hands - and he will have a playmate! Reagan - his best girlfriend. My RN friends are going to stay at my house and take care of my dogs and make sure my House won't freeze. I can't thank God enough for my great support system of friends that I have. I don't know what I would do without them! Seriously!! Being over 4000 miles away from your family with your husband deployed and shit piled on your plate up the ceiling - I've been fortunate to have great friends to take care of me!

Only good thing about this trip is that I will be able to stay with my Sister & Brother in law in Seattle. Haven't seen them in over a year and Ian will be able to play with his cousin, Kaylee who was just a baby when they first met - now she is 18 months.

I will be leaving the 12th and coming back the 14th.

I'll keep everyone updated. I just ask that you had Ian to your prayer list! Every bit helps! :) I I'm sure everything will check out fine - but in the event that it doesn't....PRAY!


Natalie said...

Man oh man! What a tough time for you! Have they given you any idea what it could be?

I'm so glad that you have a good support group up there. Alaska is a tough place to be when you really just want your family to be with you! Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

What a blessing that you have a support system to help ease your load *somewhat* during this trying time. You're little guy will definitely be in our prayers. See you soon.