Thursday, November 27, 2008

Seattle Pictures.

Although the trip to Seattle was very stressful. We did enjoy ourselves very much- despite all the talk about Ian's Brain. Ian really got to know his Aunt Brooke, Uncle Spencer and his cousin Kaylee. We went to the zoo, and went shopping (shopping in Fairbanks is scarce!), and had some great food (also, not many restaurants up here). He also enjoyed the airport very much. We had gotten to the airport early in Seattle, ate dinner and watched the planes take off and land. He even got to meet the pilot! He thought was the coolest thing ever! So here are a few pictures. ENJOY.

Ian and his cousin Kaylee

Ian and some animal - Can't remember what it was.

Ian liked playing with Dora's hair!

Ian and Kaylee "raced' with jackets on every night before bed. So cute.

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Natalie said...

Great pics. Glad things are looking up these days!