Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day Three-Six. The Malaspina.

Day Three-Six. The Malaspina.

Driving onto the Ferry
Nothing exciting to report been on the boat now for 24 hours. Stopped at Juneau at midnight – we were all sleeping and then another stop at 1130 at Sitka, AK. Nothing much to see, just connexes on the loading dock and a terminal. The view, however; is always great! The biggest problem is keeping the kids occupied by coloring, playing cards and playing adventure on the boat. Ian is pretty good at navigating his way back to our room – 137! Good thing, just in case we lose him on the boat.

Scott has once again amazed the kids by his juggling ability and Jeff fascinated Ian by the money behind the ear trick with a bouncy ball.

One exciting event that did happen today was that during our naptime a crew member knocked on our door and I answered. She asked are you Kristin our Pediatric Nurse. I said yes. She was like come to the Purser Desk please. Oh crap I was thinking. Turns out a 7 week old had a bump on his head and the new mom was concerned. This mom we also found out has 3 strains of DNA. 2 regular and one strand of complete crazy. She kinda followed us around the ship saying she was looking for us. She invited herself into our game of Texas Hold them, stole a chip or two from the boys. We just couldn’t shake this chick.

Our routine was practically the same every day. Wake up at 8am, Jeff and I would shower we would wake the boys up at 9am – go to the café – which was an exciting event for us. Out of the 50 or so tables there were about 6 “special ones”. These included illustrations of variety of Alaska Animals. One table was full of different whales, another birds, under the sea animals, bears etc. Heaven forbid that someone was at a table that we didn’t eat at! (read: major meltdown by both boys!) We would try to instill learning time and teach the boys, but it ended up which one was the biggest and he was going to eat all the other animals on that particular table. Then there was a movie usually playing shortly after breakfast. Then off to lunch, then nap time (read: peace and quiet to read a book, or actually take a nap, since when have we been able to do that?), then up to the café to stare at all the weird species of humans that also are traveling on this public transportation (read: defiantly not cruise like!) vessel.

Our last stop before our long 30+hour voyage of pure sea to Bellingham, WA was Ketichan, AK. This stop we were at port for 5+ hours so we thought we would wonder around this town to get off this ship! Ate lunch at a diner, went to the local pharmacy for some nail clippers (read: boys nails were turning into shears!) and then to a local grocery store to pick up some gossip magazines and a sailing one for Jeff (read: he thinks he is going to invest and pick out a sailboat and take me around the world) and a calling card – which this town had none. I was trying to call the HR lady in Columbus, GA because she sent me an email wanting to schedule an interview for a Pediatric and High Risk/Special Care Nursery position. AT&T Tower was down, but able to use internet….its all set up! Wish me luck on December 30th.

Then back on ship and more sailing……

Miles Traveled this trip:
Who knows – a lot of nautical miles!
Animals we saw:
Sea GullsSpecies of birds
And weird species of humans wondering this ship!

Funny Story: Scott had told Ian that a whale was going to come on board and eat him. So Ian was preoccupied of staring at the window trying to find the whale before we came on board. It took us lots of explaining that it would NOT happen!

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