Sunday, December 13, 2009

Day One

Day One
Note: Jeff and I are both writing this blog so it back and forth. :)
It all started at 550 am with the fire alarms going off in the hotel that were staying in. Jeff was working out and came back to the room as I was getting the boys ready to evacuate. Turns out the bozzo next door to us burnt his popcorn. Damn those people visiting and still on EST wanting a snack let us Alaskans sleep!

The ten hour drive to Haines Junction, Yukon Territory, Canada went fairly well. Here are a few funny stories we'll share.

1. Jeff's two most repeated phrases during our ride. "Calm down you crazy lady!" (read: I was still freaking out about getting across the border without our vehicle registration - turns out they just wanted our passports like Jeff was saying all the time) & "Look a mountain!" since Jeff was driving I was in charge of photography. He wanted a picture of every mountain as we took each bend of the Alaskan Highway.

Look a Mountain! (click to see full image)

1. I told the officer I was military and he asked if I was PCS-ing (military term for changing station) It took everything I had not to do my best Rodney Dangerfield impression and say: "No officer, but my wife is and she's driving me crazy!"

2. "I am not peeing in that shack" Restrooms are few and far between in Canada - and I wasn't about to take a leak practically outside (read: wooden outhouse) at -4!

3. "I think I sweated a lot." Ian had a little accident while he was sleeping.

4. "That was some scary shit!" As Jeff finished passing a 18 wheeler with no taillights, kicking up its own white out blizzard, and in the dark. (read: 3pm) Ian's response: "What shit Daddy??" We'll be watching our mouth a little bit better this trip.

5. "Does your laundry take American quarters? It's only fair since I get yours back all the time from our soda machines." Jeff asks the hotel attendant. "Nope, you have to put Loonies in them," she replied. I figured that was a little cruel, however, our crazy people just sit in homes not contributing, theirs clean laundry albeit from the inside of a small machine. Unrelated, but interesting, their dollar is made of metal and has a duck-like creature on the back .

Day One

496.5 Miles-made the timeline so far
1 Moose
1 Brown Blob in distance pretty sure it was an animal
1 wolf and or huge ass fox
1 giant red grease spot


April said...

Oh this is going to be a fun week reading your blog! Drive safely!

Natalie said...

Great posts. Good idea to document it like that.