Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 7. Washington, Idaho & Montana

Day 7. Washington, Idaho & Montana

We finally got off that god forsaken vessel. Driving off was fine – just waited our turn and off we went. The only bad thing is – the itinerary kept saying we were going to arrive at port at 8am. There was a confusion that the purser behind the desk (read: who didn’t speak much English) was trying to tell us the time we were getting in and we really couldn’t understand because the boat ran on AK time except when in Bellingham….so arrival time, in AK time or WA time? Long story short, we arrived at 1030 – 2.5 hours behind schedule.

Washington sure does have a variety of terrain. One minute there would be snowy mountains and curvy roads, then the next looked like a dessert with shrubs and a dusting of snow.
When we stopped for lunch, we were looking for a BBQ joint, but it turned out to be a gas station BBQ and we opted to skip that because we were trying to limit our bathroom breaks! We found a truck stop/family restaurant that suited just fine. When we pulled in we looked over both of our cars. Scott noticed that he had a metal spike sticking out of his newly bought Blissex Tires! So after we stuffed ourselves full of fatty foods Jeff and Scott changed the tire (read: with NASCAR like quickness) while the boys ran in a grass pasture collecting pine cones and doing who knows what with them. They had fun – and it pooped them out – they slept for a good portion of the trip!

We then drove into Idaho. (entering the state horrible, horrid windey roads !) Nothing much to see, then exiting the state same thing….scary roads. (per Kristin).

We tried to get every state sign that we drove through. But I couldn't get the correct camera functions to take here is Idaho

Montana was snowy on and off. We forgot about the time change, so finally we got checked into the hotel in Missoula at 10pm. All the kids wanted to do was run around the hotel, so when we sat down to eat we had to get it to go – which was fine with us. And our dinner was so awesome. ( I had put scrumptious but Jeff is making fun of me, so I changed it just for him. Haha)


View outside our hotel room in Missoula, MT.

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