Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Just plain Cold

Greetings everyone for about the 10th or so day that we've had that the temperatures have been at least 40 below. There have been a few outings in which the temp was 50 below. One of those times I had to go grocery shopping. I was lucky enough to have one of my friends come over to watch the kids while I was gone for about an hour or so. Made shopping a whole lot easier. It would have taken me 30 min to bundle them up and 30 min to undbundle them!

Ian is potty training. Today is day six of forever! This is the third attempt at trying and third time is a charm so far. Day one was fabulous, he told me every time he had to go. He didn't have a poopie that day though - I was prepared for the worst day two. And boy was it awful. He woke up dry and then proceeded to pee his pants the whole day & do a number 2. Not fun at all. We had gone to the store to pick out a toy for when he was a "big boy" and had a few accidents. Well, he wasn't to please that it was sitting in the bathroom and he wasn't able to play with it. Well, he now has his toy. He is such a big boy. We even went to Drs checkups and he told me had to go, went to preschool and told the teacher he had to go! By, Golly I think hes got it!! Now on the teach Blake..Im starting him way early. I want to be diaper free.........

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The Beans said...

YEAH IAN! It's so fun to be a big boy. Good luck with Blake. I am so ready to start Aliza, but she's not ready yet. I guess I'll be back to two in diapers again soon.