Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Break out the Bikini!

Its +43 outside. Im dead serious. It was about 40 below on Sunday, now its positive 43!!! Great weather. No gloves, no snow pants, no heavy jackets! Its lovely. I actually shoveled my porch today because the snow as melting. The only bad thing about this nice temps - makes for some creative driving. Slushy roads makes for bad drivers, more wrecks so you have to be 10 times more careful. The dogs are loving it, I am loving it - we can get outside to breath and freeze our snot and play for a change in stead of play in the house!

Ive been lazy and haven't charged my battery to the camera I have - and cant find my iPhone charger to the computer to download the pictures Ive taken.

Ian has been great with potty training. He has been good for 2 weeks about with only maybe 3 accidents. Im so proud. I have been teaching him about standing up to pee pee because he saw one of his good boy friends at school do that. So we tried it out today...lets just say - Ian likes to get creative and "swirl it all around". Now the one time I wish I had some 'male parts' so I can show him not to spray his pee everywhere. haha. Maybe I can borrow one of my friends husband from work. How do I go about asking that!? That could make for an awkward question! haha. Totally kidding, you should know!

Blake is doing great. Repeating, or at least trying to say everything I say. He calls Ian something I can't quite repeat - its his own little word.I know hes trying to say Ian. We are working on - so very cute. I love the bond they have. They sit and play and get along so well - the otehr times he is pulling Ians hair and trying to bite him.

I will upload pictures too.

I Have a valentines craft to do - might not get done since its so warm out...

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Natalie said...

I think we're going to do the same craft today (if I'm up for the mess after naps).

Great temps!!!! Yay!