Friday, June 24, 2011

Harmons Summer Update

I always say this. I am a horrible blogger - I'm trying to get better at it...excuses, excuses.
Here is what is going on with us this summer.

Kristin: I started working 2 days during the week so that I am able to have weekends free to do fun things with the family instead of working during the weekend! I have a great sitter - the boys and Laurel love her!! :)

Jeff: He is still working away hard being an Instructor for the newly promoted Captains. He is doing great things! He is implementing new teaching modules and running things smoothly on his team! He is also doing more mini-triathlons! Go Jeff!! :)

Ian: He finished Kindergarten and is now a 1st grader! He is getting so big. He is reading at a 1st grade level, able to do addition and subtraction, count money and do money math, and write very well. We are so proud of him. He has accomplished lots during this past school year.

Blake: He is doing fun things. He is enrolled in a summer Pre-K program and is getting better at writing his letters. We are working on the A,B,C's and counting. He will join his brother at St Anne for the 4 year old Pre-K Program! He is excited to be going to a big boy school!!

Laurel: She is now 10 months old and into EVERYTHING! She is crawling, pulling up, eating everything and signing. She will do baby sign for milk, eat and kiss. We are working on more, and water. She is a joy. She loves her brothers very much tries so hard to keep up with them.

Gotta love fluff (cloth diapers) butt. She fell asleep like this after going to the pool

Us at a wedding in May

Laurel 7 months old

Blake an the airshow

Ian at the airshow

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