Saturday, June 25, 2011

Harmons in April


Blake played his first ever sport! He was on the Cardinals T-Ball. He loved it. Although when he didn't get a nap or stayed up the night before he was a bit grumpy and would cry on the infield...with all the other 3 year old. It was hilarious to watch them play, all trying to tackle one another to get the ball. Blake was one of the smaller guys on his team however; he did awesome, and I think he will make us tons of money because he is very marketable.....he is a switch hitter!!!

Ian did coach pitch. He was on the Storm. He grew a lot from last year. We were worried because this team is from 5-8. He was the youngest and smallest person on his team. But he did hang very well! He started out playing outfield and then came to 3rd and then ended playing on 2nd for the rest of the season. He did really well. He would hit and get on base 3 out of the 4 at bats. We can’t wait for Ian to grow and play more baseball.

The kids and I took off to NC while Ian was on spring break. I visited my friend Melissa whom I have known since the age of 2. We last met up in NYC when Ian was 6 months old. Since then she has gotten married, had Ella and moved from Cali to NC. So when we are both on the east coast I thought it would be great for us to meet up and reminisce. It was great to catch up & meet her family. We enjoyed great food –REAL PIZZA!!! - the beach, and an aquarium. Good thing is it won’t be another 5 years until we meet up again because they are coming to my brother’s wedding in August! Can’t wait. The kids had so much fun playing! It was great- Melis and I childhood friends and now our children playing together.

Here are a few pictures from April...

Boys at Beach

Blake T-Ball

Ian Coach Pitch



At the beach

Laurel sun bathing

At the aquarium

Relaxing, looking at fish

Attempt to get all the kids in one picture. Ella, Ian, Blake & Laurel

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