Saturday, April 4, 2009

Working & Playing

I have to say I am glad to be back into domestic world. This past week was super busy for me. I usually only work two days a week - but after working three 12 hour shifts in a row- it reminds of how I enjoy just my 2 days - spread out! I felt like I didn't see the boys any during that time. We would wake up at 530, eat a small breakfast, pack them in the car. I would then pick them up at 8pm and do a quick wipe down and put on pajamas and then in bed...only to follow that same routine for 2 more days. I enjoy my job, but also enjoy my time home as a parent. I give props to those woman who are a SAHM. I couldn't do it. I need my two days in the job world. Great for those of you who do it! I wish I had the patience to do it. Also, I make a bad housewife...thats another post. Im a bad cook (I bake well though!) - and trying to get better at cleaning and organizing..with age I progress! haha...Anyways...I just don't know how those families with both parents working 80+ hours a week do it. When do they spend time with the kids, and have family time?

On the days off before & after my three days - we enjoyed doing tons of activities. We played in the snow for about 2 hrs one day. The weather has been consistently above 10 for the most part. A few mornings it was below freezing, but quickly warms up. The sun is now up around 630 till around 9pm. This is posing a problem for Ian because he is quick to tell me. "Mom the sun is still up- its not bedtime. When the sun will go down I will go to sleep!" Ummm not in Alaska Kiddo - time for the Black out shades to appear again! All this sunlight means one thing...spring is coming!
We also painted some eggs. I cut out construction paper eggs and then went to town. We will do the "real eggs" for the Easter bunny to hide soon. I think I may go to the store and try to grow a flower inside. Ian's classroom is doing that and he is so excited about it that he wants to grow one at home!

Well here are some pictures from this past week. Enjoy!

Blake LOVES to sit on the potty - but nothing comes out yet...slowly it'll happen!

Covered in snow!
Showing off the artwork on his body!

Craft time!

Brotherly Love!


The Dunns said...

Great pics! The boys are so cute!

Natalie said...

Love the potty pic!

I haven't been too crafty lately. Shame on me.

And, I don't know how I'm a SAHM. I hate to clean and while I love to cook, I'm not the best hands-on mom. I may go back to work when we move, part-time b/c I think I'd be a better wife and mother if I did!