Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Movie Day & Wheezy Blake

So I know its been a while since Ive updated...been down in the dumps and really felt like posting anything. Im out of my gloom because Jeff is coming home for R&R in the beginning of March and we are going to HAWAII! I hope to rejuvenate myself and get some fresh air, fresh food, and some SUN!

Since I was off from work and in a bad mood - I needed to get out of the house. I so I took the boys to the movies. I ventured out to see Hotel for Dogs at noon - thinking that nobody would be there on a Friday I was right - it was just us and another couple. :) Ian loved the movie, Blake enjoyed the beginning and was yelling "doggies, doggies" and pointing and waving to the big screen. IT was really cute. Then he got all cuddly (he NEVER is) and felt super warm, and feel asleep. I thought it was from the blanket and sitting with me all wrapped up... we get home and he has a 102.2 fever. YIKES...then starts getting wheezy...long couple of days of sick baby ahead...

At the movies. They had fun and enjoyed popcorn and juice!

Despite feeling bad with a fever, Blake smiles and waves to the camera, I must say its cute!

Anyways - on Saturday I made a trip to the ER because Blake was getting to wheezy and I couldn't control it with the inhaler I had here at home for him. Sometimes I wish I could have the authority to call in my own prescriptions because I knew exactly what he needed - and the ER gave it to me. Few treatments later, leaving with more inhalers, steroids and an antibiotic... and 4 days later we are doing good. Still some wheezes and a prolonged expiratory phase, but we are hanging in there. NO more fever - which means no more clingy baby trying to be glued to Mommy's hip! :) This is when I wish I had a great baby wearing sling that I could whip out. I couldn't find Ian's when he was a baby, trust me I looked HARD!

Here is my poor baby in the ER with all of his comforts...blankie, passy and his lion from daddy.

Baby Blue Eyes!

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Natalie said...

Bottom pic is so cute. Glad he's feeling better and R&R is just around the corner!