Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ian says the funniest things.

So my one girlfriend is about 25 weeks pregnant and we told Ian there is a baby in her belly and showed him the ultra sound pictures that she had gotten. He was really fascinated by her growing belly - and then when we got home he asked me why I had pictures of her baby on our fridge. Referring to Blake's Ultrasound pictures...the kicker was this morning.

Ian: "Mommy I have a baby in my tummy."

Me: "You do, I thought just Dawn one in her tummy."

Ian: "Its ready to come out."

Me: "It is!"

Ian: now pretending like he going to throw up "Its out mommy."

Me: "Wow, that was impressive Ian."

Ian: He is now digging in his pants and pulls out a girl Little People Figurine. "Its a sister!"

Me: "A girl!"

Then he runs away. I wish we were programmed with cameras in our heads so we can video record and push our nose or something and it recalled and able to be printed out! :)

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