Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Harmon's July (Part Three)

Ok - So JULY is alllllllllmoooossst over and the Harmon's have been busy busy busy. But what can I say if I stay at home with nothing to do {read: I have three kids, when do I ever have nothing to do?!} I go stir crazy. Well my friend Jen who has a three year old that is in Blake's Pre-K Class on post thought it would be a great idea to go tent camping. What the heck, what could go wrong, as long as she could start a fire we would be good to go. :) She assured me she could start a fire. So off we went my two little men and her little man set up to Pine Mountain, GA where we would spend the weekend there. Us moms and the boys...in the wild... {was I ready for this?!} Was Jeff ready for a weekend of Daddy/Daughter Time? Was I ready to be away from my precious little baby girl?

The ride up there (40 min) went well because the boys napped. We get there and proceeded to unload. I brought a packed car of stuff. Much more than I needed, but I didn't want to be without something and have my weekend suck. Anyways. So I go to set up the tent. I had ordered a special 8 person pop up tent. My friends had one and they raved about it. Jeff and I had talked about wanting to do more camping, so we splurged and got the tent. It said it took 2 min to set up. UMMM Yea - that 2 min lasted about 30 minuets for me. I wrestled with the tent, called it a few choice words and finally got that bad boy up. I {the queen!} slept on an air mattress while the boys slept on some mats. Our camp site looked grand for our little pow wow of 5.

Lots went WRONG during our trip. The "fun lady" who plans activities went on vacation. So our night hike we wanted to go on {which we got everybody dressed, bug sprayed, flash ready} was canceled. The Movie night, canceled, the pool closed.... this did NOT make for happy boys at all! So instead we played with fire, roasted marshmallows, went on a bug hunt, played with glo sticks. We made it work and one day we went to Callaway Gardens and swam in Robin Lake because Military got in free there! So all in all it was a great weekend. But I will never.do.that.again. PERIOD. It was hard, I was cranky. Packing up/unloading by myself was horrible. But the memories that the boys and I will have will forever be worth it. Next time: Daddy comes along!!

Our campsite. My tent is the one on the left

Blake and Ian by the fire - after this we told ghost stories

At the lake. I must say it was nice floating without carrying Laurel - and lounging in the sand.

Poor Blake. Got bit 20 times in one leg. WITH bug-spray on. Swollen leg. Lots of benadryl for him.

Exploring by campsite.

Reading a compass

Boys by the lake - exploring. This was the back yard to our tents. NICE

Site from other side
I guess I should tell you that Daddy and Laurel did just fine. I however, missed her like crazy and this maybe TMI - but Laurel had been cutting down her nursing so I thought I would be fine without her. Well low and behold I forgot my pump. For those of you that have nursed before - yes - you got it right. OUCH! We all survived though. :)

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