Sunday, July 24, 2011

Harmons in June

School has let out - and now the summer begins. Full of fun filled sunny hot days. I have to say a week after Ian had been out of school, I was ready for him to go back! HA! (Is that bad of me?)

With the boys out of school for the summer I started working 2 days a week - during the week. I no longer had to work just weekends so we would be able to do more family outings and have more family time. I found a fabulous babysitter for the kids (Ian's baseball coach)! It worked out perfectly. So I was able to get some adult time in, use my brain, fix some kids, make some extra money. (And feel like I was contributing to the finances since I do spend most of the money! HA)

June is a big month!! Jeff and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary! Hard to believe that we have been married for 9 years. Craziness!! Another big day is my birthday - I turned 31!! We wanted to something wild and crazy - so I booked us one a skydiving adventure. We would jump out of an airplane at 14K feet. More of a adventure I wanted to do than Jeff - but being the best husband anyone could have, he came with me and was going to do it!

They pack the chutes in the room where you wait to get manifested.

Waiting our turn!

We went on a Saturday and it was very busy - so you go knowing you are going to have to wait to get manifested. Well, we waiting for 5 hours and then it started to pour down rain - we were the next people to suit up too.... Oh well... now we have a rain check for us to go again - its good for 2 years -so all we have to do is find some time and attempt to go again! The only bad thing was I got a migraine. 1- because I prob wasn't drinking enough of water and it was rather warm and 2) I think my adrenaline started to kick in because we were next to go up and then I couldn't release it properly?! Who knows, so I got a headache and puked all the way home. So we had a 8 hour date and all we did was hit the Arby's drive through and pull over a bunch so I could barf!! So sexy and romantic!! hahaha

In June we also said goodbye to our good friends the Hurley Family. Jeremiah got a new job and they were going to be moving up to Rhode Island. Its hard to say goodbye to such great people - but the Army is small, we will more than likely see them again during a duty station. Blake misses Reagan, and is still asking to go to her house. She was his first BFF!! Maybe I'll get a wild hair up my butt and drive up there during spring break! Get ready for us Hurley's!!

At the end of the month Laurel finally got tubes put in her ears - she had been having an ear infection a month since January. Poor Baby Girl. She was miserable. Blake had tubes in his ears as well when he was one. Guess they got mom's horrible eustation tubes.

Laurel getting ready to go back ot the OR - shortly after this she realized that she was NPO and couldn't eat or drink anything and got really pissed off!!

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Anonymous said...

Skydiving?! You're so brave :) When Jordan and I were in NZ, I was trying to work up my courage to try it, but I used the "it's just so expensive" route and blamed it on that!