Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A lot has happened....

since the last time I posted. We added another member to our family!Laurel Kristin Harmon arrived Aug 17, 2010 @ 1507 (307pm) weighing in at 8 lbs 6 ounces and measuring 20 inches long!

Labor Story: (pics at the end)

I woke up at 4am not being able to sleep 1) because I was fat and pregnant and 2) I was hungry and 3) I was having some stomach aches (so I thought! ha). So I grabbed a snack and hopped on FaceBook hoping someone was online that I could chat with to keep me company. Low and behold my friend Anna (my nurse friend from AK was online) she just recently had a baby so she was up as well. I was chatting away with her telling her my "aches" were every 6 mins. Well that comes to no surprise because I was having contractions throughout my whole pregnancy - all of which were regular. I was up on Labor and Delivery a few times to get checked out and all they said was "Yup, your contracting, go home - its not time!" So I wasn't thinking anything of it. They continued to be 6 min until 6am then they were coming a little bit stronger so I got off the computer, called my doc, woke up Jeff told him to take a shower & get ready because it was time. I ate breakfast, called my friends - got the kids ready to go to school- dropped off kids at friends house - then went to the hospital. Finally got out the door and to the hospital by 830. By this time my contractions were about 4 min apart... but tolerable. With my history of quick deliveries thought I would labor fairly quickly so I wanted to get to the hospital before my contractions got any closer together!

After triage hooked me up and my contractions were off the charts - they called my doc. My cervix was 3 cm (same as when I was at the doctors the day before) and my "bag of water was bulging". So they admitted and started pitocin since I was going to be induced in 2 days anyways.

Got checked in Labor and Delivery by 930 and all hooked up with pitocin. No biggie - contractions now hurting but I really wanted a drug free delivery. By 11 they were stronger - I was holding on to the railing strong - but still I wanted a drug free delivery. I was now 5 cm and good to go just waiting to get to 10 to push! Something in my brain was like this is the turning point now - if you don't get one you wont be able to get one.... Jeff was like (something along these lines) "Babe you should get the epidural, this is our last kid, "enjoy" your labor". So I was like what the heck - lets do this. So got the epidural. Oh my, how I forgot how nice they were!
Doctor came in at 1pm to break my water. I went from 5cm to 8 in 15 min. The nurse ran out to the nurses station and told the doctor not to go anywhere because I was going to have this kid any min now! Well took me a while to get to 10 - by 2pm I was ready to push - but this time I was on oxygen because the babies heart rate was staying pretty low. I pushed a few times - doctor came in and said nope you are getting a C-Section baby isn't coming down and her heart rate is considerably low.

CRAP (well that isn't the word I said)

I didn't want a section - for people that know me -I like to be in total control (who doesn't?) and this meant giving up control for a surgery that I didn't want. So I broke down - crying, sobbing, hyperventilating the whole nine yards. I was scared. Period. Majorly scared.

Wheeled into the OR around 230. Jeff was there after I was all settled - still crying. I think the whole thing was that I knew too much information being a nurse. They did the "time out" - I freaked out because I knew they were getting ready to "cut".I heard them asking for the instruments which I knew what they were used for... I couldn't associate this time as the birth of my daughter - only an emergency surgery and was praying that they wouldn't leave something in my body.... ugh.

I squeezed Jeff's hand and told him not to stop talking until Laurel came out - low and behold she came out with a perfect little body. My baby girl! :) Born 307pm. Then Jeff went off to the nursery to be with Laurel and then they started doing "the count" - where they count all the items they used to make sure they don't leave anything behind - I started getting worked up again. Thank the Lord I had an awesome anesthesiologist because I was getting nauseous and hurting - and he hooked me up! Drugs are great! :)So - recovery time went well. Then off to mother baby unit I went and was able to finally hold and kiss my baby girl at 815 pm. A little ticked off a bout how I had to wait 5 hrs to see her... but it all worked out.

Lets fast forward 12 hrs now - its 4 am - and the nurse comes in and expects me to walk!! WTF. They just cut my abdomen and you want me to do what?! You want me to walk to the bathroom and pee?? Ummm NO! (I forgot to tell you Nurses make the worse pt). I followed the rules though and even though I thought my incision was going to burst open and my organs fall onto the floor - I was able to get up and walk and use the potty!

Recovery wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.

I survived.

Oh geez, dont I like fabulous? Seeing Laurel after waiting 5 hrs!

Big Girl

Meeting Laurel
There she is!

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