Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Baby Shower/BBQ Bash

This past weekend my mom (Lori) and my Brother (Kyle) and his girlfriend (Leisa) were up from VA to visit - just happened to be my 30th birthday weekend. My grandma was turning 80 that weekend as well - but due to a PICC line that she was getting taken out, she was unable to make the trip....WE MISSED YOU!!

But my friends threw a Baby Shower for me while the boys hung outside and grilled and drank beer and everyone enjoyed the 18 foot water slide that we rented. Don't worry, I didn't go down it in fear that when I crashed in the pool Laurel would pop out! Despite a rain storm right in the middle, we had a blast. Thanks everyone for all the neat gifts, I know Laurel will be excited to use them all! :)

Again, it was great friends, and great food. Thanks to all that came and celebrated!

Gram Gram going down slide

Ian had so much fun and asks for a water slide everyday!!!

Me and the waterslide...to bad I couldn't go down, it looked fun!

Yummy Shower cake!!

Ha Ha, thats Jeff!!

Sparklers before bedtime with the Family

Alabama Sunset

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Natalie said...

One of my friends just had a baby -her first two were really early and "enjoyed" extended stays in the NICU. Her third, oddly, was born three DAYS early. She didn't know what to do with a "fat" full-term baby! Stranger things can happen. Sending full-term vibes. Pics look great.