Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ok Wrap Up...

So I haven't been the best of updating the blog. So here in a nut shell is what has happened in a month.

* I'm pregnant! (Ian says there are 2 babies in my belly, one girl and one boy)
* I am hating Tricare!
* Going to do cloth diapers and breast feed this baby. (Ian & Blake were breastfed, but not cloth diapers)
* Jeff left me Atlanta when we were picking up his car at the military car place. He drove off with my keys...long story short and after a cab ride to the ATL airport to rent a car and he realizing he left me and a cab ride back to car place...he came and got me!
* Ian is signed up for T-Ball
* Ian went to Atlanta for neurosurgeon visit. Very nice office, MRI scheduled in May - everything looks fine. No problems.
* We traded in Jeff's Wrangler for a Land Rover (third row seating)... Love it!
* Both boys have started school. (Well daycare, but I like this school!)
* I'm waiting for my GA RN license so I can start working!
* Jeff will be teaching at the Captains Career Course.
* Blake and potty training are not going so well. I'm frustrated.
* We are going to grow our own veggies this summer.

I thinks that's about it. I will post pictures of our house very soon!!

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