Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Update on us!

Holy cow it has been a crazy fest ever since Jeff has returned home from his Deployment.

It all started with Blake getting a fever for 48 hours that wouldn't' come down. It was as high as 104, and with his runny nose and cough, and the increase of H1N1 at the Pediatric floor I was nervous it was flu....HOWEVER, Jeff was due in that night! So Kyle stayed home with the kids while they were sleeping because Jeff couldn't come home at a reasonable time - it was 3am Sunday when the buses pulled it. It was great to see him! We come home, Blake sleeps thru the night - we wake up Jeff surprises the boys with breakfast! Ian was so excited. Blake on the other hand felt like crap and couldn't care less who Jeff was -so after breakfast off to the ER we go. 5 hours later we return home . Blake has an ear infection and upper respiratory infection.

Ok whew, glad thats over with - we all take a nap. So much for family time on Sunday.

Jeff reports to work on Monday. He comes home we eat lunch - I leave for work to work 3-7. He watches the boys. Just remember we are still reintegrating. Boys weren't so nice for Jeff.

I come home from work - boys in bed, Jeff in bed. Blake has been fever free for 24 hrs! Hes better! Thank goodness.

Jeff goes to work on Tuesday, as do I. Im totally loving the family time!! NONE!

Wednesday comes. I have off, Jeff has part day home by 1030! Finally we can have time as a family!

Thursday, Friday are great.

Now to Saturday the day of my big race. Im on a team for the Equinox Marathon Relay. Im running the last leg 9.2 miles - all of which is pretty much downhill starting on top of a mountain with an elevation of about 2200 feet! Im getting ready, Jeff and the kids are playing in the room. Then I hear this big boom and then crying !! Ian slipped on his socks while dancing and then landed right on his arm. After much debating, Ian seems to be fine and I make it to my hand off station just in time to complete the race. 2 hours and 7 min later I finish my 9.2 miles with Jeff, Ian, Blake and Kyle cheering me on at the finish line. It was such a great experience! I loved every step I took running thru the trails in the birch trees.

Last week was great - bought the boys bunk beds, which are being delivered this week, and got a big screen TV! Now all I need are mattresses!

Biggest news... We found a house to rent and possibly buy in Alabama! Its a 5 bedroom 3.5 bath 2 car garage - this house is huge (over 3000 sq ft)- it has a dining room, living room, formal living room & an eat in kitchen- and a loft! Not to mention the HUGE fenced in backyard! My friend lives in the neighborhood and she loves her house and there was one for rent on her street, a smaller house (4 bedroom, 1900 sq ft) - so I inquired about that... well she then said there was a house for sale (5 bedroom) and maybe that I should contact the realtor about renting since its been on the market for a while. So I did - and within three hours I got the house for rent cheaper than the 4 bedroom on the same block!!!! We have plenty of room come visit!

Now, since Jeff has a job....all I need is one and daycare....start praying people!! :)

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