Sunday, August 30, 2009

Nothing really going on...

Just waiting on Jeff to come home!

He should be home sometime in the middle of Sept. Time is going so slow for me. As the FRG (Family Readiness Group) Leader I am in charge of making phone calls (read: I delegate) to my group of wives to let them know that their loved one is one his way home. We have had three flights come in and which I have made calls - and one more flight before my loved one comes home. Just a little bit different this time. Oh well, my excitement will come. Whats a few more weeks when its been close to a year anyways...right?!

The house is still on the market. 8 people have looked at it, but it hasn't been the "one" for them. It has to sell and I know it will (it better) Im just ready to move on...we have orders so we are just waiting our time out here in AK. As I will miss this place dearly, I am ready to move on with our lives....

Ok, well. ....nothing to exciting going on - Ian has an ear infection, Kyle has landed a great job, Blake and I have colds and its been rainy and cold this past week. Don't I sound happy... haha

Here are me and the boys tonight, goofing off

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The Dunns said...

Super cute picture! The last 2 weeks before redeployment were always so LONG! Hope it passes quickly for you and Jeff is back soon.