Thursday, December 11, 2008

Missing Daddy

Today I am feeling a little better - yesterday was the pits - Ian has the stomach bug. He is felling a little better...but not quite there yet. He is also missing Daddy big time today - took a picture of our fridge (full of daddy) and was walking around the house crying. So sad! Also, Blake has taken to love his "Blankie" he has his pacifier... but now he likes his blanket and his is pacifier. Heaven forbid if we take them away!

ps - I have found a new addiction: (great for editing pictures!)


The Dunns said...

All my boys are totally attached to their blankies, too. It's not so bad. Daniel (5) likes to have his at night but can sleep without it. Mikey (3) needs his at night and likes to carry it around but doesn't need to have it everywhere anymore. I'm glad Ezra finally attached to a blanket so he has a comfort object to cuddle when mommy is away.

That's good you have so many daddy pictures. My boys are so comforted by being able to hug & talk to their daddy pics.

Natalie said...

Liv and Lila have taggies. I would say Liv is more attached than Lila. Liv proclaims her love for her taggie daily. Reaches for it when she's upset and we have to plead w/her to leave it in car. They don't have pacifiers. But, I look at taggies/blankets as nearly the same thing. We have not decided when wean the kids of their taggies. I think they'll go to college with them. One of my sisters had one until she got married. Then, her husband proclaimed she could no longer sleep with it! Oh dear! At least the trade off was a good one!