Thursday, August 7, 2008

Been a while...

Ian and had a date last week. ( Blake went to play with his friends at school.) We had the special pleasure of Elmo coming to Fairbanks. Here is Ian and I before the show started. Then here is Ian during the opening number. I had so much fun watching him get so excited and just sit and watch. He was glued to the stage! We had great seats. We were right in front of the stage (third row back) right on the end of the row. The good thing was that since we were right on the end the characters came off the stage and Ian was able to high five them. He thought that was the coolest thing EVER! We had such a great time. I think from now on I think I'm going to do a special date with each boy every month or every other month!!

Blake likes to hide out in the cubbards or under neath the sink. I guess I had forgotten to close the pantry and he climbed right on in. And NO he is NOT eating the dog bones - he is eating a cracker. I doubled checked before I took the picture! :)

Playing with Daddy's Boots!

Since Blake was playing with them - Ian had to put them on as well. We were missing Daddy since he was at NTC.

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The Dunns said...

Looks like a fun show!

Isn't it a "parent rule" that you have to get a picture of each kiddo eating dog biscuits? I have one with Daniel. I think I'm behind with the other two. :)